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Belgium: Job students to be allowed to work more hours



Students from all over the Belgian National Territory would be allowed to work more hours. The Belgian federal minister for social affairs has forwarded a proposal which will allows students to work more hours most especially flexibly. Presently, students are allowed to work just 50 days in the year, with a maximum of 20 hours a week in most cases. The current system means that should students work even 3 hours a day, a day is deducted from their 50 days. This system will hence end allowing students to be flexible with more hours.

Statistics showed that Last year 469,000 students in Belgium took advantage of the scheme. Under the new proposal, days would be converted into hours, with a maximum for the year being 550 instead of 400 at present.

Currently, if a student works 3 hours a day, a day is deducted from their 50 days, but under the new system only the actual hours worked would count. This means that students can work less than 8 hours a day without being afraid that they will have one day more deducted from their 50 days.

However, the system has the support of the employers’ organisation Unizo.The Flemish student association VVS has expressed support for De Block’s plans, but trade union ACV is against.

God is still saying something.

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