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French Cameroun Forsakes High Profiled Hand-clapper



French Cameroun Forsakes High Profiled Hand-clapper

By Mbah Godlove

A loyal French Cameroun’s praise-singer has begun crying in the wilderness after he was knocked out of service by the very government he had venerated with all his energy.

Ekume Frankline Njume a basic education teacher who was promoted to the rank of a bursar due to his propagation of hate messages has now been kicked out of work by the same regime.

Since the inception of the ongoing liberation war in 2016, the French Cameroun enabler cum crusader took to social media where he has been sabotaging the people’s course.

BN learned that Frankline Njume was dumped by the colonial regime following what has been considered as negative remarks about Rose Mgasa the colonial mayor of Tombel LGA.

The now unemployed praise-singer has taken to the same social platforms where he castigated Ambazonian leaders to grieve over his recent dismissal.

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