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La Republique Shameful Bill on Supreme Court Reform



La Republique Shameful Bill on Supreme Court Reform.

Cameroun Parliament has tabled a bill today June 22nd, 2017 at their parliament to reform Supreme Court so that common law division can be added. For over 56 years of a political cohabitation, it will take the protest of the people, the killings of the people, the arrest of the people and the destruction of a people’s way of life to introduce a useless bill to reform the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, our leaders who engineered for these are still in jail languishing for nothing.

A nonsense Parliament that cannot even dedicate a session to discuss the political instability of one part of the country. A nonsense Parliament which has no remorse that majority of our people are home. These actions only go to confirm that Southern Cameroons is a colonised territory. That is exactly how the coloniser behaves. Only what pushes her interest.

We say it loud and clear, we again reject any cosmetic solutions from la Republique. These solutions are not sustainable and it takes only the whims and caprices of the President of La Republique to change at any time. He is commander in Chief of everything. In fact, he is not our president.

The numerous concours launched to tamed our people will not help. The political tension and instability in Southern Cameroons will continue.

La Republique must do what the people want. The days and months ahead shall be different. La Republique can safe the situation now. The Consortium whose president la Republique is currently keeping in their dungeon had called for a referendum in Southern Cameroons. The people need a referendum and genuine dialogue with a third party to shape their future. This could only be the peaceful outcome otherwise the inevitable will happen no matter how long. The people shall rise again. Spartans don’t die.

We must recall that self determination and self defense are all human rights and the people of Southern Cameroons shall invoke any of these at any time deem necessary.

The struggle continues #FreeAllArrested.

Mark Bareta
Southern Cameroons
Follow the struggle and not individuals

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