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An attack On Hon. Wirba, is an attack on Southern Cameroonians



Today, I have seen a rare attack on Hon. Wirba by Mr.Roland Formundam published on his Facebook, while I respect your freedom of speech, the manner of rebuttal against Hon.Wirba who stood in front of La Republique Parliament and raised the voices of West Cameroonians is uncalled for. You claimed Hon. Wirba plagiarized the speech on the phrase “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty” without mentioning where it came from, that is not true, he mentioned the source. You claimed we do not need a liberator but a negotiator because we are not a captured people, that is not true. The struggle is a struggle for liberation from the fangs of La Republique.

Yes, we are a captured and annexed people since 1961. Our resources, education, legal system have all been captured. The Governors, SDOs, DOs, Judges are all colonial administrators administering our people. Did you not see how our lawyers were beaten and treated? Did you not see how our daughters and sons in Buea University were treated? Did you not see how our brothers and sisters in Bamenda, Kumba were treated? Are you not aware of how “Anglophones” in this country are treated? No nation does that to its people unless they consider them a lesser human being or captured people.

Whether that struggle leads us to Federalism or Independence, the struggle needs a liberator. The struggle needs a liberator before a negotiator. These two are mutually inclusive. Hon.Wirba rose with the moment, he took the challenge to stand in front of the colonizer parliament and made the case for West Cameroonian and yes, we shall resist the franchophonisation of our schools and courts. We shall resist paying taxes to where we do not see, we shall resist honouring a country which considers its occupied people as pigs and lesser humans- yes in the spirit of Wirba, we would resist and claim back our state because that is what the struggle is all about.

Your attack on Hon. Wirba at this present moment is aching and you need to think again how struggles are won. You need to think about unity for our people. You raised a lot of innuendos which does not promote this course at this present moment thus for the purpose of understanding, I have a feeling you never watched the speech. I have attached the speech in this article so that you read again. Please, reconsider your attacks, we must protect our own.

19, December 2016

“Mr Speaker, in a nation that you call yours people can do what has been done to our children in West Cameroon? I call it west Cameroon because you will never take it out of our mouths again. Because that is a territory in which we believe in Freedom. To go out on the street and demonstrate is a basic right for us and that is why we are saying there are two Cameroons that came together. If you are telling us, like a state minister stood here last year and told us that what happened in Cameroon is like dropping a few cubes of sugar into a basin of water, who is the sugar and who is the water? I’m asking the government bench of Cameroon – who is? That you rape our children. My brother’s daughter has been raped in BUEA. I swear to you, the government of this country, does the President of this country know that the governors and the DOs and all the Administrators Sent to West Cameroon are out there behaving exactly like an army of occupation? Our people have nowhere to go to. We have made all the efforts. Our ancestors and our forefathers trusted you to go into a gentleman’s agreement that two people who considered themselves brothers could go to live together. And if this is what you show us after 55 years then those who are saying that we should break Cameroon are right, they are correct!

“The people of West Cameroon cannot be your slaves. The people of west Cameroon are not, you did not conquer them in war. If this is what you’re saying that we should live in, I say simply No! It will not work. How do you have an army that is supposed to protect children step out there, beat them and rape some. It is not heard of in any country. This is the 21st century. And anybody who does that, I cannot be willing for it’s government to pay the price. We will exact it on you, because you are making us believe that we went to the wrong place. What’s there to say? I want the world to know and to have it on record that we have made efforts. I have Sat with ministers and listened to them talk. The first one was the then Minister of justice. Amadou Ali, 10 years ago. And I took my time, drove from Kumbo to Yaounde to tell him ‘Something is growing out other. This thing that you people are sending Gendarms to beat people up and say all these things, there’s pain in West Cameroon and as Minister of Justice be very careful with what happens there’. And he turned around, looked at me and told me ‘Mr. Wirba, it is your people who choose to come here…’ He is alive, he told me.

“Last week, I went to see the minister of Higher Education, Professor Fame Ndongo and I told him the problem in Cameroon, the problem in West Cameroon is the problem that will bring down Cameroon. If you don’t handle it well, you will not know Cameroon in a few months or in a few years. When people have had burnt up anger and pain and humiliations for over 50 years, when it bursts out you will never be able to control it and I told him!

Simply what he asked me was ‘Qu’est-ce que vous allez faire?’

Because you have your army of occupation out in West Cameroon you believe that when the people will rise, even if you took the whole of the French army and added to yours you’ll never bring them down. And we have no need for that. We don’t have any need for that in the 21st Century.

I was one of the believers in a unified Cameroon and I want to tell this house that what has happened to those children in Buea University and in Bamenda has convinced me that the people who say that Cameroon should go in two parts are correct. And there are more and more of us out there who now believe that it is the ultimate end!

I listened the other night an offer of a thousand jobs, an offer of 2 Billion francs for lay schools and I laughed at myself. Are my people slaves that you now wound and maim, break their bones then throw a piece of meat for them to fight over? It has to end, It has to end! If we the people of West Cameroon have to continue what we are doing it is because we believe that the more is always the median. Here you have more people you have more chances of surviving in life. If the more people who are the people of East Cameroon have proved to us that our blood means nothing then it is time for us to say it will soon be over. I want to give you a quote here in this house that I borrowed from the American liberators;

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty”

The people of West Cameroon have a duty to resist your oppression. I call it oppression because of what I have seen in the field. Let me quote you another two instances. Three weeks ago there was an incident in Bangolan which is a neighboring village to Jakiri, where I come from and I don’t know what it was about and a Gendarme officer was killed.

And the forces of law and order under the instructions of the SDO of Ngoketungia moved into Bangolan, a neighboring village and took away a hundred men. Just beat them up, break their bones and them just left them there. And I went o to that place where he took these people and told him. Mr. SDO you’re going to release my people. He sent soldiers to me and I said to him I am a representative of these people because I am a parliamentarian and the young man turned round and asked me:

“Et puis quoi? On n’est pas ici à Yaoundé” and he drew a line, telling me “if you cross here you will see the consequences”. Unfortunately for him, I happen to be a descendant of the warriors of Nso. No one draws a line before me. I crossed and told him “Shoot me!”.

I told the SDO to release my people. Within 24 hours he released them. But some are still lying in the hospital. They beat and kicked a woman and she had a miscarriage, a pregnant woman and nobody can questions this. That is their mission in this master plan, to finish our culture and our people. You have chosen that every single administrator or every commander of the army is from East Cameroon. That is why they sit there and they can kill the people without remorse. This had to end!

Mr. President, Mr. Speaker I want to repeat this quote “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty”.

The people of West Cameroon will resist you and if you wish to to take that territory by force, you will kill till the last man before you take it. And you can start from me, today, you can start from me. It has to end. Somebody has to know that this is not how they treat people, 50 years is too long. 50 years is a very very long time and we come here and sit just talking about the budget? You normalize murder, you normalize rape?

Mr. Speaker, I am sorry to tell you that this is part of the resistance. You will hear me till the end. When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty. It is my duty to defend my people.

You will not stop me because of lack of time or if you want to, you can call your brutal Gendarmes to come and kill me here. I will not … I want you to hear this Mr. Speaker…

That my people are suffering and the cube of sugar that was defined in this house…

Are you just angry Mr. Speaker that the person considered your slave has risen in the master’s house and is asking a question?

I have… Mr. Speaker I am telling you this is part of the resistance and you will hear me till the end. Bring the brutal soldiers who raped our daughters to take me out of here. I will say it to my end. There’s nothing you can do to me. I am wondering whether H.E the President of the Republic knows that the governors and the DOs posted to West Cameroon are behaving exactly as colonial masters? When they abuse people, insult them and do all what they have done, we have to RESIST and we have to tell you our people will not be brought down, because we came into this union as equal partners.

Yes Sir and I am done. I am done and we will RESIST and there’s nothing you can do to stop us because this is part of our culture that we inherited. You people who fear every administrator and every ruler, we will challenge our rulers and we take them to task and that’s why they are accountable.

Thank you very much
Hon. Wirba

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