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4 Anglophone detainees killed in Yaounde !!!



Cameroon Concord News is reporting that 4 of the 71 Southern Cameroonians arrested in Bamenda and taken to Yaoundé have died while being held prisoner by the Francophone army. The news outlet maintained that their informant hinted that the 4 were deliberately killed. However, BaretaNews at this time cannot independently verify these reports. However, we thought it wise to report because La Republique is capable of anything. At this point in time where the government has not released any definite data on casualties in the country, one cannot take any news for granted. We are adding our voices to make this call so that our leaders should take this seriously and make the release of these Anglophones paramount as well as begin investigations of these supposed deaths.

Concord News continued that the Biya Francophone regime has blatantly refused to open up any investigation as recommended by many international human rights organizations including Amnesty International over the killings, rape and arrest of many Anglophone Cameroonians in Buea, Bamenda, Kumba and Kumbo.

A sister publication Cameroon Intelligence Report has identified Prime Minister Philemon Yang and nine senior military officers including the governors of the North West and South West regions in a report that accuses them of responsibility for the deaths of many Anglophone Cameroonians recently.

The Francophone army had run amok during the unrest in Bamenda, Buea, Kumba and Kumbo killing dozens of innocent people in summary executions. There is a huge military buildup in Bamenda, the regional capital of the North West region and many Anglophone civilians are now subjected to arbitrary arrest and their mobile devices confiscated.

First reported and written by Rita Akana for Cameroon Concord News

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