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Colonial Regime Barons In Panic After Washington Protest



Colonial Regime Barons In Panic After Washington Protest

By Mbah Godlove

There has been a general atmosphere of fear among top French Cameroun officials following a recent protest organized by Ambazonians in Washington.

Sources say most of the colonial ministers who accompanied the ailing 89 year old dictator Paul Biya have been panicking following the turn out of a protest match held in the US capital state of Washington Thursday December 14.

The anti French Cameroun demonstration was out to make a strong statement with regards to the independence of Southern Cameroons.

Hundreds of patriotic Ambazonians came out to say know to the maginalisation and subjugation they are facing in the hands of the colonial government.

Days after the demonstration on the streets of Washington, French Cameroun barons understand that all is not well.

Sources say most of them have now intensified the process of meeting and bribing gullible Ambazonian leaders to accept an indivisible Cameroun.

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