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Ambazonia Clergy

I couldn’t believe it in church today.

They missed out something which I want to put it clear in simple language (no grammatical terms).

The anglophones are not against school resumption and not in anyway support the idleness of peoples and students at home.

Let me start by explaining what the Anglophones are against by simply telling the Bishops my story.

I have never failed any exams in my lifetime starting from class 1 primary school to the University level EXCEPT the competitive exams of ENSET second cycle and ENS second cycle of Bambili. I have a first degree in Engineering. Last year 2016/2017 academic year, I registered for both the aforementioned competitive entrances.

We registered 7 of us in the main center (Bambili) in computer science which was launched for its first time in higher ENS bambili. On the day of writing, only 5 of us out of the 7 who registered showed up to write, the 2 students who were absent were from Banjoun (you can verify it from the sitting list) and the invigilators can also confirm it to you all.

The five of us who were present wrote the exams. We waited for the results and when they were published, behold a list of 45 names came from Yaounde and the 2 students who were absent from Banjoun passed and I failed. These students are francophones and I’m An anglophone. I can’t lie to the Bishops because it sounds to me like I’m lying to God. This is verifiable in Bambili to confirm it.

A francophone student whom I was teaching how to solve mathematics and ICT questions passed at the level of ENSET and I failed, we registered for the same option. This is the future the Bishops want us to have and return to schools.BRAVO BISHOPS. KUDOS TO U ALL.

When our anglophone sisters cried out in Kuwait for being raped, maltreated etc, no one responded, after all they were not francophones. Our Brothers and sisters are running away from this country everyday just because they’ve encountered a similar experience like mine. This is the future the Bishops want us to return to schools and have tomorrow.

Now haven heard my story and what anglophones are going through, I’m sure that the Bishops can understand that we love school and we are even more eager to start schools than anyone, government, or church who claims to have us at heart. A school which will yield us fruits, schools which we will be going with hope and confidence not a political school.

The letter which was read in Catholic churches across southern Cameroons today was political and nothing else. The claims on that letter were fake and insignificant compared to what we the Anglophone students are going through in this country. Getting pregnant, involving in drug abuse for just 2 or 3 years is better than running away from your home country to suffer maltreatment in someone’s land. Is rape and brutality not far dangerous than simply getting an unwanted pregnancy? BISHOPS PLEASE I AM A STUDENT AND I MUST SAY I WAS VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH YOU AFTER LISTENING TO YOUR LETTER READ IN CHURCH TODAY. I wish you could do a review of that letter.

OK. You care so much about us the children, organize free classes (no fee) let’s come attend and get busy. Atleast we won’t be idle to get involve in drug abuse nor unwanted pregnancy. Atleast a second basket every Sunday can pay the teachers. Its God’s work after all.

A STUDENT. written today Sunday 16th July 2017

Share until it reaches every Bishop in southern Cameroon

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