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Ayaba Cho Replies Biya’s Speech: He has been consistent: Empty Arrogance



He has been consistent: empty arrogance

His country has killed hundreds of thousands of Ambazonians. Under his authority and Command, thousands of homes have been burnt in desperate reprisal attacks. He has and continues to preside over genocide in our land. Under his command thousands have disappeared, thousands kidnapped and tortured. Millions of people live in despondency because of his loot, savagery, and arrogance. He counts on a divided, weak, and inconsequential international Community. He has never failed himself but his 50-year arrogance and brutish rule are what every oppressed people require to build cohesion and resistance.

He reminds us of Tariq Azis, Saddam’s propaganda minister standing and shouting in Bagdad as Iraqi resistance succumbed to the US invasion. Ambazonians must remain steadfastly bold, defiant, focused, and proud of the decision they made to pick up arms in resistance against the bullies of the East. Ambazonia outlived Ahidjo. Ambazonia outlived Fochive. Ambazonia outlived brutish collaborators like Ekema and Oben Peter Ashu. By the time this walking corpse will be long gone, Ambazonia will still be around, Independent and self-governing, and a neighbor Cameroun will reckon with all through its existence.

To our people let me say this. Under my Leadership, there will be no compromise. No inch of grounds shall be ceded and arming our people and developing self Governing institutions will remain priorities. We have been multiplying supplies and turning peripheral bases into core defense units. We must attack their economy, undermine their loot, and Intensify our hunt for collaborators. 2023 will be a year of an eye for an eye. Burn our homes and our people will take over those of your citizens. Kill our civilians and the security of your own citizens cannot be guaranteed.

In 2023 our forces must build a better relationship with our population as was demonstrated in Mbengwi a few days ago.

Dr. Cho Ayaba

President, Ambazonia Governing Council

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