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Exposed: Government plans to Bomb GCE Board and Grammar School Molyko









EXPOSED: Alleged Plan to Bomb G.C.E Board and Bilingual Grammar School Molyko with workers and Francophone Students on Campus Leaks.

Despite Paul Biya’s grudging selected release of some Southern Cameroonian “terrorists” held at the Kondengue Central Prison for almost 11 months, palpable tension has continue to mount between the determined and freedom-hungry people of Southern Cameroons, and the thousands occupier forces of La Republic du Cameroon, who have invaded the streets and neighbourhoods of the Former British Trust territory to forcefully implement the supposed commencement of the 2017/2018 academic year in the territory from Monday the 4th September, 2017. As the people remain resolute in their resolve on NO SCHOOLS RESUMPTION under the present status quo, one of Bareta News undercover reporter in Buea has uncovered a sinister plan by the occupying military agents to cause havoc at the Cameroon GCE Board and the Bilingual Grammer School Molyko within the early weeks of school reopening.

The plan is to carefully plant Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s) within the confines of the two institutions at night and then timed them to detonate during working and school hours to target workers and students, especially for the Francophone section who are likely to show up for reopening. Investigations will then be opened and already arranged suspects will be picked up to make confessional statements linking prominent Southern Cameroonian activists in the diaspora as their sponsors. The idea is to paint the entire Independence Restoration Movement before the international community as terrorists, thereby giving them the leeway to clamp down on the local populations in name of fighting terrorism and forced them to bury their separatist ideologies.
How the plan was uncovered

Ever since the deployment of an additional 1600 troops by the colonial regime to Southern Cameroons, our reporters have stepped up their news gathering antennas, especially in relation to the current crises. So, on the 30th of August 2017 between 4:30 and 5:00 pm, our reporter carefully taped into a conversion between a military officer and her “junior sister”. The sister appeared to have been seeing off the military-brother who had visited her at home. As they chatted along in one of the local dialects (clearly understood by our reporter who gently followed them from behind), the military guy could be heard warning the sister that; “as from Monday when schools resume, make sure you have nothing to do around the GCE Board or Lycee Molyko because they will be danger zones. In fact I will advised you to stay in your room and watch the events on television”. The sister asked him (still in the dialect) why he was putting fear in her and insisted on knowing what was going to happen around there.

The military guy explained to her the sinister plan against the two institutions. He added that a similar plan is being orchestrated in Bamenda. He reminded the sister of the allege discovery of explosives in Mbengwi some weeks back, but added that it was a similar plan by his military colleagues even though it was poorly executed. The guy went further to confess to the sister that, the original plan was to stage a simulation attacked on the GCE Board and Lycee Molyko during the day, but they noticed that it would appear very suspicious considering the proximity of the environment to the road and the constant physical presence of military and Campus security officers during the day. As they concluded, the guy further warned the sister to treat the information with seriousness and confidentiality. The sister responded by asking him if he really expects her to swallow such a frightful information. The response of the military brother was: “if you love me as a bother, stay quiet with what I have told you and stay away from that environment or if you must tell somebody, make sure you don’t mention anything about me and nobody should know you have a brother in the military”.

To us in BaretaNews, this alleged evil plan is not strange. La Republic is desperate and ready to do anything to retain her colonial territory of Southern Cameroons, even if it means spilling the blood of her own citizens resident in Southern Cameroons and the blood of other innocent Southern Cameroonians. This should therefore be a caution to Southern Cameroonians especially some of our stubborn parents who may still want to send their children to school. As the Interim Chairman of the Southern Cameroons Governing, through his Vice, Pa Tassang Wilfred stated; the release of a few of our jailed leaders and brothers by Yaounde is a nonevent and so there shall be no schools until the interim government says so. Parents should therefore keep their children at home if they truly love them. It is important that we all be alive to witness the restoration of our independence. Schools boycott as our peaceful weapon in this struggle is not a sacrifice, but an investment for a better educational system for our children in an Independent Southern Cameroons.

James Agbor

With Files from Buea.

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