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Buea Capital City of Ambazonia in Sunday Morning Chaos



Interim Government of Buea

Federal Capital of Ambazonia, Buea in Sunday Morning Chaos

Today is Sunday, July 1, 2018 and the month is already starting with a danger signal from Restoration forces in Buea, the Federal Capital of Ambazonia. Confrontations between these freedom fighters and colonial terrorist forces all through the night have extended to the 3rd District Police Station in Muea this morning with at least two colonial casualties, eye witnesses have reported to BaretaNews.

From Mile 18 Bomaka to Muea, Malingo areas and Molyko neighborhoods, gun shots reigned the air as citizens took cover in strategic positions in their various abodes. The shootings continued this morning at the Muea Police station where at least two colonial police officers are reported to have bow to bullets of restoration forces.

The Muea Police station came under international spotlight in late 2016, when Ambazonian lawyers were arrested, molested and locked up there for protesting the assimilation tendencies of the colonial government within the Ambazonian Common Law jurisdiction.

There is now pandemonium in the area as additional colonial terrorists have been called in and have invaded the neighborhoods arresting citizens in their homes and on their way to churches. The confusion has further been compounded by the fact that the scene of action is directly opposite the local Muea Market which is operational this morning. Trader, buyers and citizens are now parking to find their different ways home.

All these are happening hours after the corpse of a BIR terrorist was discovered in a bush beside the main road in Mile 16 yesterday by a farmer, who was later arrested by the colonial terrorist for reporting the discovery. The dead BIR officer was part of the convoy of a French Diplomat that came under attack on Friday, while on a colonial visit to the Ambazonian Capital of Buea.

For the past moths, the colonial regime has arrested more than 500 young men in the Muea and Mile 16 neighborhoods and locked them up in the Buea Central Prison. According to the colonialist, the massive arrests were to preempt attacks from these boys whom they described as secessionist terrorist fighters.

The real restoration forces are now in the city acting with determination and ready to lay down their lives to make Ambazonia ungovernable for the colonial regime and of course free the homeland. From what is happening now, it is evidently clear that the colonial terrorists in Buea have been abducting innocent citizens all these past months.


James Agbor

BaretaNews Political Correspondent

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