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Biya Sends Naval Ships To Nigeria, Emissary To Equitorial Guinea




Panic and consternation continues to unsettle La Republique as moves for the restoration of Southern Cameroons Independence enters final stage.

Biya has sent Naval Ship to Nigeria to seek security support to crush Southern Cameroons Liberation struggle. In the same light emissary to Equatorial Guinea was sent in a desperate efforts to stop Southern Cameroons Independence. Southern Cameroons Intelligence Agency (SCIA) have uncovered evidence that the sole purpose of the naval ship sent to Nigeria that anchored in Cross River, Calabar months back was to seek cooperation to deal with Southern Cameroons Independence move whereas the media was told it was to seek cooperation to fight pirates.

The position of the Nigeria government is not clear, whereas many security officers are disposed to an independence Southern Cameroons, they too are battling with the Biafra agitation whose Independence move is fundamentally different from ours. However the final decision on where Nigeria stands hangs in the balance and rest squarely with the President Muhammadu Buhari, who is still in London on Medical vacation 65 days after.

Southern Cameroons Intelligence Agency also reported to our contact that Biya Letters to seek security support from Equatorial Guinea were ignored, he was then compel to send an emissary but Guinea authorities are undecided on what form of support to give Biya fight Southern Cameroons but objective members of the Guinea dictatorship believed an Independent Southern Cameroons will help Anglophone developed their region because the mass migration of Anglophones in Equatorial Guinea is blamed on Biya. Let me remark that we shall have our Independence and God shall be our guide. Mola Njoh Ghost Town Continue on Monday 24th.


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