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Arrest of Journalists: All For Nothing Principle, Another Touch



I have read keenly Journalists on social media, especially Journalists from the private media mounting operation release of a colleague who was recently arrested. Tapang Ivo Tanku earlier reported that State journalist, Teke Julius, working with Cameroon Radio Television, CRTV was arrested for covering the PM visit.
This is a state journalist arrested because he was recording some comments being made by some senior officials concerned with the completion of the Limbe Omnisport Stadium and other projects the PM was visiting. Some men in uniform at the behest of the SDO of FAKO ordered his rest. Senior CRTV Journalist John Mbah Akuroh first reported on the issue, followed by Solomon Amabo Amabo who lastly reported that Julius has been freed.
Another Journalist by name Kingsley Ako Tanyi has publicly called for a nationwide protest calling for Zangs dismissal. He insinuated CRTV journalist should ground the media outfit until Zang who is supposed to be on retirement is dismissed. Another Journalist, Mr Filla Nabil pondered and asked the following questions:
1. CRTV GM Amadou Vamoulke was present during the arrest and together with CRTV SW station manager, they went about their business leaving Teke to his devices. (Scoffing) Talk about a Simon Peter denial
2 – Issa Tchirouma was present (perhaps this isn’t so shocking) and did nothing to stop this obvious trampling on press freedom.
BaretaNews Comes In:
While Journalists should be protected, I decry the arrest of any means of freedom of expression. Why two wrongs cannot make a right, I was made to understand that equity should not suffer on the altar of “let it be”. I read with keen interest how all journalists on social media mobilised and called for the release of Teke, a CRTV Journalist. We have seen numerous private journalists and communicators arrested so many times, hardly could we see any current CRTV Journalists coming out forcefully for those in the private sector, to denounce and condemn, except those who hold office within their union albeit doing it grudgingly and slowly. Do CRTV Journalists belong to the elite class of Journalism in the Cameroons?
Why should journalists from the private sector, cry more often when it concerns state journalists? Do not get me wrong, my experience is that when something happens to a journalist who is not of CRTV origin, we get only those of the private sector coming out, those of the CRTV remains quiet and protected. They do not condemn. They become the loudest people only when they leave office and some still sing the CPDM Hallelujah. A journalist is a journalist and there should be no distinction whether you work with the state or private sector. Yes, if they can’t show sympathy for a private journalist on national or regional radio, which is understood, don’t they have social media accounts to come out and denounce. How many of them does that? I may be wrong.
I am just worried about the class the CRTV journalists are trying to draw. Those of the private sector look at them like mini gods within the field when they can be better. Now a private journalist is calling on them to protest. Things are changing fast, while I appreciate and happy that Teke has been released, there should be an ” All For Nothing Principle” when it comes to Journalists in the Cameroons.
This is just a food for thoughts. Look at the bigger picture. It should be a two-way traffic, that’s where unity succeeds. No stones thrown.
God is still saying something.
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