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Ayah’s Foundation Narratives On Meeting ADF Unit: We Were Surprisingly Shocked






The Ayah Foundation is one of the, if not the only Humanitarian organisation that criss-crosses every corners of Ambazonia including Nigeria visiting IDPs and Refugees offering help and support. Along these journeys, the foundation comes across different groups of what Ambazonians locally and popularly call “Amba Boys”. It is true that in most part of Ambazonia especially in rural Ambazonia, these Amba boys are in charge and they mount as well barricades making sure anyone who enters their territory is authorised. Camerounese and her agents have always painted Amba boys black and it is also true that some Ambazonians have posited the Ambazonia Defense Forces-ADF as a unit force against the norms. However, the Ayah’s Foundation encounter with the ADF on the road gives another picture-a well structured, ordered and people oriented force. A stark difference from what the Foundation may have been reading online. To Ayah Ayah Abine, CEO of the Ayah’s Foundation, meeting the ADF and how they were treated surprisingly shocked them as they appeared different from what they could have heard. BaretaNews brings to you the Ayah’s narrative. Read on


“SHOCK”: Face-2-Face with the ‘ADF’!

On December 22 2018, on its way to attend to some victims of the ongoing war plaguing our regions, team Ayah Foundation came face2face with some ADForces somewhere in the ‘North’, which encounter ‘shocked’ our entire team.

NB: We presume they were of the ADF from the inscription ADF on the T-shirt of someone who acted as their boss.

Our vehicle was stopped by them as I was singled out for a thorough check. We had just gone past a previous ‘Amba’ check point wherein I could have been shot but for His grace. And so the ‘gentleness’ of this particular group coupled with the speechlessness and frightening calm of a few of the Armed young men kept us all on alert.

After the routine check on my person, came the ‘shock’.

Their ‘boss’ apologised for the ‘special’ treatment on my person and then begged for one of of my telephones, insisting that he can’t seize the phone although he and his troops were well armed and could do anything to us at will. That phrase was the ‘shocker’; a phrase he repeated thrice, adding that I shouldn’t act under duress. Even with guns and other ammunition as against our defenseless team, he chose to negotiate with me for my mobile phone and didn’t at any point in time elect to go by force or choose to use the gun to get the better of me. His insistence as he pleaded lasted for about ten minutes as I equally pleaded with him to understand how important my two phones were to the foundation; working tools.

After successfully pleading my case before his court of arms, they let us go as the boss warned his entire crew not to disrupt our humanitarian mission to vulnerable persons, victims of the ongoing war.

This is the second most shocking ‘encounter’ with Amba boys!

Ayah Ayah Abine

CEO Ayah Foundation

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