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Barister Agbor Balla: A Blessing To The People of Southern Cameroons- Ambazonia Activist Neba Nathan Writes



Barister Agbor Balla: A blessing to the people of Southern Cameroons- Ambazonia Activist Neba Nathan Writes

By Neba Nathan
July 22, 2020

There is no single individual that has advanced the course of the freedom of the people of Ambazonia like Balla.
In fact Balla has done far more than all the Ambazonian groups put together. Barrister Balla, a humble technician working underground in a humble but tough and accurate manner. He doesn’t make noise like the diaspora, but fights great diplomatic battles. What makes him even greater is the fact that he continues to fight for people who attack him. Balla has been painted black by power mongers and little brains, who have no understanding of his work.

Some of his works are public. You make want to consult the working documents on the protection of the people of Southern Cameroons be it in the UK, EU, Canada etc and see who did the compilation. Balla has been fighting battles with PR firms who wanted to use existing legal loopholes to get Ambazonian leaders arrested in the diaspora. Most of them are not even aware of what Balla has done to them. As someone who was there from the very beginning, the start of this revolution can be credited to two people: Barister Balla and Barrister Bobga. I closely followed the duo in gz who did a marvellous job to network with the civil society, mobilizing them to rise up and free themselves.

Along the line, their approaches were different, Bobga was for the immediate declaration of the restoration of the independence of Ambazonia while Balla was for a continuous fight for the return to the two States federation which will be a supper high way to independence at a minimal cost.
To Balla, if we take the approach of declaring independence, we will make things difficult for us diplomatically because countries and international organisations having relationships with Cameroun wont receive us. But all these will hear our cry if we remain within the law.
But both agreed on one thing: the freedom of Southern Cameroons.

Balla has been very tactful with Cameroun.
He was at the so called Major National Dialogue knowing so well it will fail. He knew it was a trap for him. Lrc will then tag him as someone against dialogue. Just the other day, he announced the failure of the dialogue and called on the international community to step in. All local measures have been exhausted and it is now ripe to go international.

If you see an Ambazonian leader castigating Balla then there are 4 possibilities
1 He has never been able to enter high level diplomatic offices, he would have seen the work of Balla.
2. He has seen the work of Balla but fears he might become popular and may want to be president.
3. He has been bribed by Cameroun
4. He is simply uneducated, unreasonable and not worthy to lead.

As for me, I go for truth, I go for fairness, I maintain a pure intention.
Thank you Barrister Balla, only God knows what you go through. Lrc has laid several traps on your way, how you have survived this far on gz is a miracle. At one time soldiers surrounded your office in Buea after PR firms informed them of your strikes against the enemy with the international community, they are now very frustrated to sack you from UB.God protect you. Keep up the good work. Do not listen to our enemies posing for leaders. In due time , God will lay bare everything.

May God help us all

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