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Two Southern Cameroons Ambazonia Patriots and Icons





Two Southern Cameroons Ambazonia Patriots and Icons.

By Christmas Ebini

Another very unique chapter of our revolution is being silently written in the diaspora. This could be missed if we are not paying attention. One of the gifts my father gave me before leaving this mortal life and world, is preparing me for my own death. He talked with me on where he thinks I should be buried and I had already built a mental image of my final resting place. However, sometimes things about life for some of us do not always move on a straight line. There are many curves along the way and some of the curves may come with a storm and in the eye of the curves and the storm you just have to make the necessary adjustments. Upon our deaths during this revolutionary stormy climate, the vampire genocidal terrorist government of Cameroun may not even allow a passageway for our mortal remains to be laid to rest with our ancestors. We have to deal with this new reality of our lives.

We are at war. Our land, besides the political occupation we have been subjected under for over 57 years, is today in the face of a well planned military campaign and activities, as well as pre-planned active genocide. For those of us who were already pushed out of our homeland into the dispersion of the vast diaspora, we have no homeland to go back to, alive or dead. That is until we can push out the vampire genocidal terrorist forces of Paul Biya and the French to reclaim our land. Even our dead patriots and Icons who took their last breath in the diaspora, away from the homeland, do not have the benefit of enjoying their final resting with our ancestors. Our new reality is that we will be burying our dead away from homeland and since I may not know much about the things of the spirits beyond, I do not know if the spirits of our dead are resting well in peace, away from our ancestors.

The story is told in Genesis 47: 28 of the Christian bible. Jacob had moved to Egypt where his son Joseph, sold into slavery by his own siblings, had found favour with God and the ruling Egyptian class. There was drought and the food harvest was very poor and food was scarce. Through the divine direction of Joseph, Egypt had prepared for the drought and bad harvest. Food was plentiful in Egypt and that is what brought Jacob and his household to Egypt. Jacob lived for 17 years before dying. Per his instructions, his bones were carried into the promised land and buried in Canaan. He was buried in the cave of Machpelah, laid in dignity along Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebecca and Leah, Jacob’s first wife.

Justice Ebong and Dr Arnold Yongbang are two great patriots and Icons of Southern Cameroons. They cleared the path and helped put in place the foundation stones for the current resistance and war of liberation. Today their mortal remains lie away from the unliberated homeland. They will be laid to rest in a foreign land. The resting places of our heroes and Icons are national monuments and treasures. As we are forced to bury our patriots and Icons in strange lands, let us make the promise to do what the children of Jacob did to him. Let us plan to take their bones back into the Freeland of Ambazonia so they can rest in peace and dignity with our ancestors.

Dr Arnold Yongbang was the Vice Chairman of Cameroon Anglophone Movement (CAM) and became chairman when the chairman Ambassador Martin Epie died. He was a member of the AAC Standing Committee and was very engaged in almost all the activities of the foundation stage of the revolution. He was a member of the 1995 delegation to the UN. He died in North Carolina.

Justice Ebong is mainly known for his courageous act of 1995, taking over control of Radio Buea and announcing on Air the independence of Southern Cameroons. Dr Yongbang has been out of circulation for a little while, mainly writing and following up events from his sick bed. Justice Ebong has made a few outings since 2017. The most significant being coming out to meet the then Chairman of the Governing Council, Sisiku Julius AyukTabe, during his world tour and being a part of his delegation (with Gov Achu) to New York on September 22, 2017, for the historic UN demonstration, and the worldwide Takumbeng Unleashed demonstrations. I remember waiting with Justice Alogwede Ebong and Mola Njoy at the Litumbe’s for the arrival of chairman, Sisiku Julius AyukTabe. When he got there, we all went to my Largo office for a working session, then to the chairman’s hotel for lunch. Justice Ebong, Mola Njoh and Gov Achu all stayed with the Chairman for the evening event welcoming the chairman at Greenbelt Middle School hall. That evening, Chairman Sisiku Julius AyukTabe recognized the services of the three elderly statesmen and Icons, by decorating them.

Funeral plans for the two icons have already been set. For Dr Arnold Yongbang it is set for July 17 to 18 in North Carolina. For Justice Ebong it is set for July 12 to 13 in Washington DC. The two elderly statesmen deserve state burials with all our colours and state symbols. As much as we should and try to honour and send off our departed patriots with all the national pride and celebrations they deserve, we must only do so with the permission and comfort level of the families. In reaching out to the two bereaved families, the Yongbang family has decided to keep any political activities to a very minimum. The Ebong family has granted us all rights and access to a full state funeral and celebrations.

Here is how we are going to try to handle this: Justice Ebong’s coffin will be covered with our nation’s flag, the anthem would be singing and our national colours should be displayed as much as possible during the viewing, the wake, funeral services and burial. We are requesting our citizens to attend all activities of his funeral program until he is laid to rest. It would be really appreciated if most or all of us can wear our colours, t-shirts, and carry our flags. Justice Ebong should be given an award postmortem in the form of a well-decorated plaque for his long dedicated services to our revolution and nation.

Since the Yongbang family is not comfortable with a full state funeral and celebrations, we must respect their wish. However, it is still our responsibility to honour and remember his services without violating the wishes or boundaries of the family. Being founding members of the Cameroon Anglophone Movement (CAM), which later became Southern Cameroons Restoration Movement (SCARM) and Dr Arnold Yongbang being the last Chairman, Dr Chris Atang and myself feel obligated to represent SCARM at its chairman’s funeral. This does not stop other comrades who wish to attend to do so. We encourage those who can, to please do so. Dr Yongbang’s coffin will not be covered with the flag but in his honour a flag will privately be given to the family to keep. His family will also receive in his honour a postmortem award in the form of a plaque for his dedicated services and sacrifices to our revolution and nation.

We would leave the part of financial participation and assistance to help the bereaved families to the official leaders of the different groups: IG, ADF, SCYL, Morisc etc.

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