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Southern Cameroons Crisis: Make Them Pay



Men of God

A crisis which broke out during the early period of October 2016 bolster by the tick of the clock. Day by day it reveals Southern Cameroonians are determined to see that the lives taken away in Bamenda and Buea respectively are justly avenged through a victory that will guarantee a better and more equitable society for all Southern Cameroonians.

Definitely, the perpetrators of these crimes against a people who are self-determined in struggling for what is just will never get away. They will pay…

For spilling the blood of the innocent, they will pay. For compelling a people to do it their way, they will pay.
For calling a people “extremists” in a desperate need to cover up their flaws, they will pay.

For pushing a people into self-exile, depriving them of the internet for over 90 days, they will pay. For unjustly detaining a people, they will pay.

For making a people live in fear and as second class citizens in their Fatherland, they will pay.

To be continued…


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