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Justice Ayah Paul Abine Takes The Back Seat, Blames His Decision On Evil Attacks From Ambazonia Leadership, Others



Ambazonia internal enablers in the persons of Boh Herbert, Chris Anu, John Egwayan and Fru John Nsoh have succeeded to push Justice Ayah Paul Abine to the back seat with their constant attacks on his person. Justice Ayah in a Facebook statement declared that he is taking the back seat from the revolution as a result of attacks and threats to his life from some Ambazonia leadership and Cameroun Government especially Prime Minister Dion Ngute who planned to kill him. It must be noted that Justice Ayah decision is triggered from the callous attacks championed by Boh Herbert who called Ayah’s detention by Cameroun fake and labelled him all types of names. Justice Ayah had stood firm against Cameroun but when your own so called brothers attack you viciously, the next thing is to leave and justice Ayah has left. If these so called leaders and likes in the Sako led group could kill Ambazonia fighters on the ground on plain sight, what more of them using a now acquired DRAFT money to plot the murder of Justice Ayah and pinned it on the French Cameroun government? You may want to read Ayah’s statement below
July 22, 2020
Decades back, I lay on my back in pitch darkness, and looked unto the firmament. I saw Cameroun and Southern Cameroons as a castle in the air: a castle without a foundation – at best, a castle on sand. A bleak future for the two Cameroons I perceived. I raised an alarm and opined that we should lay a new foundation, lest we collapsed… The harvest was STIGMATIZATION!
I relented not in preaching the merits of DIALOGUE: the two Cameroons talking to each other for better coexistence. My proposition was, if dialogue is inevitably the epilogue of every conflict, why not go for DIALOGUE straight? I preached in at least ten write-ups: “The wise prefer DIALOGUE to avert destruction. They use the resources so saved to build today and tomorrow. The foolish and the proud embrace conflict without thought. They then use resources meant to build today and tomorrow to rebuild yesterday.” It was a voice CRYING in the WILDERNESS!
When the Anglophone lawyers and teachers stood up in 2016 to demand a revisit to the origin of the cracked castle, Yaounde was dismissive of their locus standi to raise political issues. To circumvent the argument of Yaounde, I suggested that the CONSORTIUM could open out to include politicians. I was promptly sent to Coventry!
We are all aware of the recent crevice to the peaceful option. I moved quickly to save lives and property by cautiously COMMENDING it and PROPOSING that the crevice should be widened to include the various factions so as to secure a lasting PEACEFUL solution. It was considered as my stepping on the foot of those stashing BLOOD MONEY and who have resolved to PROLONG the war with intent to get more BLOOD MONEY! Another occasion of STIGMATIZATION!
I lay on my back last night, July 21, 2020, and looked unto the firmament in pitch darkness once again. The future of the two Cameroons I saw was even BLEAKER! I prefer none to frighten with details!
During my military training at CIFAN, Ngaoundere, in 1978, I learnt that friendly fire virtually always comes from the back. Even if targeted, it is an uphill task establishing bad faith: all the guns do point in the enemy direction in front. The victim is, therefore, invariably said to have been hit by misadventure!
Close to two decades now, I have carried my chair to the church every Sunday. It has ever been one of the last few chairs at the back of the church. From that vintage point, I have seen the conduct of many many Christians in church. I never would have seen all that, sitting in front!
For all those, both in the Ambazonian leadership and in the Government, who consider that I have been in their way to BLOOD MONEY in the Anglophone War;
For all those in the Government who have made death lists with my name featuring prominently in them;
For all those in the Government, including the Prime Minister, who are in a conspiracy to eliminate me;
For all such people and their likes;
I DO SOLEMNLY DECLARE, here and now, that, with effect from the moment of writing these words, HRH HON LORD JUSTICE BARRISTER AYAH Paul ABINE has moved to the BACK SEAT!!!
It may seem contradictory for a man who, only a few days ago, shared his memory of years back that: “In my life, I make room for defeat; not surrender”.
Actually, this is not SURRENDER. Nothing does happen without God’s approval. And God speaks to us, in our days, through persons/events. Only through prayer, contemplation and concentration – lying on your back in the dead of the night, in pitch darkness, and looking unto the firmament – would you get the DIVINE message. And who can question God’s will?

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