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Ambazonians in the Capital City Flaunt Colonial Order, as Okalia Bilai Helplessly Looks on.






Ambazonians in the Capital City Flaunt Colonial Order, as Okalia Bilai Helplessly Looks on.

For the first time in his colonial adminstration of the Southern Zone of Ambazonia, colonial representative, Benard Okalia Bilai, appeared helpless as he watched taxi drivers, motorbikes, private vehicles and citizens of Buea, arrogantly flaunting his colonial injunction, restricting all forms of movements on Sunday. The colonial order by the imperialist on Sunday March 25, 2018, may have been respected elsewhere. But that was not the cased in the Ambazonian Capital, as denizens totally disregarded the colonial order and went about their daily activities just like in any other normal Sunday.

In their desperation to forcefully organize the colonial Senatorial elections, the imperialist governors of the two zones of Ambazonia had suspended all forms of movements, thereby hampering the celebrations of Palm Sunday services by Christians across Ambazonia.

While most church services especially out of Buea, were very scanty due to the inability of Christians to transport themselves to their various places of worship, most of the ones in Buea, conducted their Sunday services, though very brief, with taxis, motorbikes and private vehicles plying the roads unperturbed. The usual busy Sunday Muea Market was open with buying and selling going on as usual.

“I am surprised that things are normal in Buea… We trekked from Mungo Bridge and passed Miselelle, before seeing some guys who took us on bikes to bring us to Buea, through the bushes” said a young lady who left La Republique’s Douala for Buea, early Sunday morning.

“The people are angry with government and decided to do ghost towns, but they (the government) disrupted it by buying their own taxis. Now, because of their selfish elections they are declaring ghost town for us? We cannot be toasted around anyhow” a Buea based taxi driver angrily expressed himself to this reporter.

“I thought by banning movements, they’ll be going around this morning to close churches and to prevent Christians from coming to church… When I saw that communiqué last night, I said this was a satanic decision and immediately prepared myself for a holy war this Sunday morning… People would have seen holy ghost fire at work if any disruptive military man showed up here today… Only an occultists and satanic government, can try to prevent people not to go worship their God because of an election in which only a few people are voting” a Buea based radical Pentecostal Pastor told BaretaNews.

“The none respect of the governor’s order is proof that he is gradually loosing control over the people. People are fade up with the system and nobody is afraid again. We are already in a war zone and nobody is afraid of anything or any authority” another denizen added.

Like one of the citizens pointed out above, colonial Okalia is loosing grip of his colonial jurisdiction and the angry citizens are beginning to give a damn in whatever instructions or orders he sends out. Consequently, the revolution proceeds in its new face of active self-defense, Buea, being the final destination of the revolution, remains under the strategic military survey of Restoration Forces. The colonial agent understands this fact and that’s why he has relocated to La Republique’s Economic Capital and now in most cases comes to work from there.

Buea, shall Fall and Okalia Bilai and his proxies shall answer for their genocidal actions on the people. Restoration forces shall make their presence felt in Buea, and they shall come like thieves in the nights, at a time nobody least expected.

James Agbor, BaretaNews Political Analyst.

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