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Bafut LGA: Population In Fear As Colonial Soldiers Storm Village Farms



Bafut LGA: Population In Fear As Colonial Soldiers Storm Village Farms

By Mbah Godlove

Farmers in Bafut have expressed fears of insecurity on their farms after dozens of colonial soldiers invaded the locality recently.

As BarataNews had earlier reported, 6 trucks containing French Cameroun soldiers have been in Bafut Local Government Area since Tuesday, May 24.

Report reaching our newsroom this Sunday, May 28, holds that the colonial elements have been deployed across different bushes in the Local Government Area.

Their presence has been a menace to many farmers who expressed fears of being killed or assaulted by alien forces on their farms.

The feature of this year’s planting season in Bafut dose hangs on a balance and it remains unclear when the colonial soldiers will leave Bafut for the farmers to return to their farms.

At the time of this report, two Ambazonian fighters caught on Wednesday are being used to show the hideout of their fellow fighters in Bafut; a situation which has left farms in fear.

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