Southern Cameroons Genocide: PCC Synod Clerk Cries Out





“…Your Hands Are Full Of Blood…Make Yourself Clean!”
This is weird! And we all know it is!

Cameroon is a very religious country with a very high Christian population. The Ministers, the Secretaries of State, parliamentarians, governors, top administrators, civil servants, public servants, traditional rulers etc are in the majority Christians. Yet:

Are we so blind that we do not know that hundreds of innocent children have been slaughtered like goats right in their parent’s homes? Can we vouch that we are ignorant of the ignominious atrocities of the military on innocent anglophones simply because they expressed their views of being marginalised?

Are we not aware that hundreds of our children have been deliberately bulleted and are languishing in hospitals? Are we not aware that humanitarian groups have sprouted up to see how they can raise funds to assist these innocent victims in the hospitals? How can a pregnant woman be dragged out of bed with his husband and thrown into prison and we turn a deaf ear?

Are we not aware that all the prisons are overflowing with anglophone youths dragged out of their parent’s homes! Are we not aware of the tortures our people are undergoing, talk less of the wanton destruction and looting of property by the ruthless military? Who are those who have ordered this carnage and mayhem? Is there a kind of witch-hunt going on in our localities?

Where are the elected parliamentarians? Who are they representing? Where are the traditional rulers? Who are they ruling? Where are our elitist Corp? Are we no longer their flesh and blood? Where are our journalists? How long are they going to garner the truth with lies-telling? How long are we going to live this lie? How long? How long? Can it not be true that the internet cut in West Cameroon is just so that these atrocities should not be seen internationally?
Do we not know that young people are in the bushes for fear of arrests for crimes they have not committed? And we say we are Christians! We gathered piously in churches on Sunday and prayed that God should intervene! How is he going to intervene when you are behaving as if you don’t know what is happening!

No; my friend! God is fed up with this false piety!
Have we not prayed enough? Yet God has refused to hear because, “our hands are full of blood!”
Today through the prophet Isaiah God orders “Wash you, make yourself clean; put away the evil of your doings from before my eyes; cease to do evil; learn to do good; seek justice, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow.”(1:10-17).

Dear friend, you have a role to play and stop this carnage and genocide! Say something now! Do something now! If you are part of it solve it by not being part of it any longer! If you are not part of it make it your duty to ensure that it stops!
Prayer: Dear God rescue us from evil! Help me to wash the blood on my hands! Let me not be part of the problem, rather help me to be part of the solution. Above all Lord, give me the courage to overcome fear so that I can pursue justice, righteousness, peace and truth to the glory of your Most Holy Name. Amen!
May God bless your efforts! Peace be with you!


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Otto Ama


  1. ndolloz

    October 11, 2017 at 6:32 PM

    the devil in biya and lrc committing genocide may be because in 56 year, they have enticed many souls of God’s people in their satanic web of bribery,corruption,embezzlement,lies,wealth, greed, uncaring society, many people in Cameroon of which some are happy to see the killings as some call the Anglophones “les chien” one begins to wonder if Cameroon is trulya peaceful loving Christian country, apart from this report which is painful, not a lot of condemnation has come from any Bishops, all the different faiths who have many followers from these siffering communities,the many Fons, Chiefs,ministers, Doctors and other caring communities,looks like the entire people in the country are frightened to condemn biya or speak against the regime’s brutality publicly,one begins to wounder how on earth the head of a dysfunctional state,lavishing tax payers money in a European 5 star hotel,while he commands his army to commit genocide, torture of unarmed people who are demonstrating peaceful celebration? the army and politicians who should be protecting people in a so called Christian country are celebrating killings,the many Christians who have been affected by this trauma of loosing love ones, must take a good look at which voices of their own faith is standing up for their injustice at this crucial time by condemning biya, those that have stayed quiet are sidelining with the regimes not with their devoted congregations, personally times are changing, all faiths needs to practice what they preach or stop brainwashing poor people

  2. dzu

    October 12, 2017 at 3:53 PM

    One person dead /killed is one dead /killed too many – but talking about GENOCIDE is crazy .
    i understand the anger because of the situation back in southern cameroon but then again choosing the right word is part of any genuine struggle .

    c’est une erreur de presenter les choses de cette facon exageree .Genocide !!! come on !

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