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Herman Cohen accepts role of chief negotiator in dialogue



Herman Cohen accepts role of chief negotiator in dialogue.

By Mbah Godlove

US diplomat and former foreign assistant under Secretary of State for African Affairs Herman Cohen has accepted to be the representative of Ambazonians in the community of Nations. In a communique signed by the vice president of the Sisiku led faction of the Ambazonian Interim government group, Dabney Yerima, on September 26, he announced the new office of Cohen, while stating the terms of any anticipated dialogue with the colonial regime of French Cameroun.

“- The international community, Cameroun and her supporters can no longer say that they don’t know who to dialogue with, Cohen is our key negociator.

– Only the US can be a credible mediator and therefore the people of southern Cameroon submit to America as mediator and venue for reasons of mediation, venue and enforcement of resolutions.

– All Ambazonia prisoners of conscience must be freed, comprehensive cease fire, and all militaries withdrawn from the territory.

– Cameroun should recognise Southern Cameroons as a separate political entity, equal in status.
– The southern Cameroon leadership is ready to dialogue/Negotiate with Cameroun if only all these confidence building measures are implemented,” Thursday’s release red in part.

It is now certain that the Sisiku wing of the IG, would not take part in the Biya national dialogue giving that Cohen, in a recent Twitter outing intimated that those clamouring for the restoration of the state wood of Ambazonia would loose international sympathy should they boycott the Biya announced National Dialogue.

At a time many discribed as crucial in the history of the struggle for the liberation of southern Cameroons, some sons and daughters of Ambazonia have multiplied calls for the front line leaders to leave behind their differences and unite in the freedom quest. They have repeatedly said that the effort made in conquering the enemy, can only yield fruits if their leaders come together and fight French Cameroun as one man.

Cohen who masters crises in Africa, played a leading role in solving the long standing differences between Eritrea and Ethiopia. Many believe that if there is unity, he can also lead Ambazonia to archieve it’s independence.

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