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Nigerian Senator Visits Ambazonian Refugees at Agbokim Waterfall






Nigerian Senator Visits Ambazonian Refugees at Agbokim Waterfall.

Prince Thomas Ifere, a social crusader for change, in the Etung Local Government of Cross River State, Nigeria, has reported the visit of distinguished Senator John Owan Enoh of Cross River Central to Southern Cameroonian Refugees in his constituency. The visit took place last weekend, despite the busy political schedule of the Ejagham Senator.

Senator Enoh, visited the Ambazonian Refugees Camp at Agbokim Waterfalls, in Etung L.G.A on Saturday, 16th December 2017.The camp, which is host to over 6,000 Amba refugees, comprising of elderly men and women, youths and children of various ages, is located at the Senator’s home town- Agbokim Waterfalls. The town shares a common boundary with the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, currently being illegally occupied by La Republique du Cameroun (LRC).

Addresing the Senator on behalf of the Refugees in Agbokim, Mr Fred Assam thanked him for finding time to visit them at the camp. He informed the Distinguished Senator, John Owan Enoh, that they are psychologically sick due to the barbaric brutality of LRC colonial forces. They are maimed, raped,massively killed while their homes are destroyed and properties looted, just because they are Southern Cameroonians, who require their own independence. He added that some of them are currently placed on the wanted list by the colonial government of LRC.

Consequently, they have all become beggars, sleeping in cold and bare floor, no food to eat, no work to do, with majority of the people sick. Mr. Fred Assam called on the Distinguished Senator, to use his good office and intervene to enable them gain their sovereignty, as an independent nation, recognized by the UN and return back to their land.


In his emotionally filled response, Distinguished Senator J. O, Enoh, sympathized with the people on their present predicament. He however, assured them that the Federal Government of Nigeria, is aware of their present position and there are bi- lateral discussions currently ongoing between Nigeria and LRC, as well as the United Nations, to address the matter.

The Senator, nevertheless noted that he didn’t visit them as a Representative of the Federal Government, but on his personal basis as an Ejagham son and a son of Agbokim Waterfalls where the refugees camp is situated.As a Senator Representing 6 L.G.As in Cross River Central, 2 of the L.G.As, Boki and Etung are badly affected by this Southern Cameroons refugees crisis.He appealed for calm and peace between the Refugees and the hospitable people of Agbokim Waterfalls, until the crisis is resolved, as the only solution is for peace to be restored in Southern Cameroons to enable them go back home.

He thanked the people of Agbokim for their continued assistance. “During periods of war, displaced persons are always faced with several challenges, hence the need to assist them with whatever God has blessed us with.” the Senator noted.He promised to send more intervention materials to the refugees before the week runs out.

According to reports, this is not the first time the Senator, is coming to the aide of Ambazonian refugees as he has been sending food, cash and other relieve materials to them.The Senator ended his visit by praying that God grants a lasting solution for the refugees as soon as possible.

It is important to state here that, Senator Enoh, was the one who raised a point of order on the floor of the Nigerian Senate, on matters of urgent national attention, relating to this crisis. It was his point of order, that led to the passage of a resolution, setting up an investigation committee to ascertain the root causes of what has led to the massive movement of Ambazonian refugees into his constituency. It is the hope of BaretaNews that, the findings of the Senate investigation committee, when concluded shall be able to push the revolution to another level.

Agbor James, BaretaNews Political Analyst

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