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Kumba Residents Urged to Resist Anti-Patriotic Calls Amidst Escalating Tensions



Kumba Residents Urged to Resist Anti-Patriotic Calls Amidst Escalating Tensions

By Mbah Godlove

In the midst of escalating tensions in Kumba, Meme county, denizens are being strongly urged to stand resilient against anti-patriotic calls as another Monday draws near. The colonial regime’s crackdown on the traditional ghost town operations has intensified, with particular focus on bike riders who have had their bikes confiscated as a coercive measure to deter participation in the symbolic Monday resistance. Frontline leaders, including Mark Bareta, CEO of BN, have stepped forward to address the community amidst these challenges, offering encouragement and support.

Bareta, in an exclusive interview, expressed empathy for the bike riders, acknowledging their sacrifices in the ongoing struggle for freedom. “I feel the pain of bikers in Kumba and strongly encourage you to be strong. We are seeing your sacrifices,” he stated. As the specter of another Monday looms, Bareta advised residents to stay home to avoid potential crossfire, emphasizing that freedom fighters are keenly aware of the actions taken by colonial administrators in Kumba.

In a stern warning directed at bike riders contemplating defying the Monday operations, Bareta underscored the potential consequences, cautioning that Ambazonia forces are vigilant to soldiers posing as civilian bikers. He declared, “Fighters know colonial soldiers pose as civilian bikers to ply the streets on Mondays. All bikers will be shot down if they work on Mondays.”

The sentiment echoed by Bareta reflects the collective call for unity and resilience in the face of adversity. The denizens of Kumba are being urged to reject the divisive narrative propagated by anti-patriotic forces and to continue standing firm in their commitment to the traditional ghost town operations. As the community braces for the approaching Monday, the words of leaders like Mark Bareta serve as a rallying cry for unwavering solidarity amidst the challenges posed by the occupying regime.


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