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Cameroun Claims 130 Former Amba Fighters Escape From DDR, SCAAF Intel Shows Otherwise, Indicates Cover Up Of Over 200 Ex-Fighters Murdered



Southern Cameroons Ambazonia Activist Front- SCAAF UPDATE ABOUT DDR CENTER.

As we write, over 200 former Ambazonia fighters who dropped down their arms and joined the DDR centre have been killed and buried by the regime.

Few days ago, we all saw a mother who was refused access to the so called DDR centre in the Northern Zone of Southern Cameroons, under the pretext that her son had disappeared into the thin air. SCAAF was informed by an internal source in the DDR that most of those ex – fighters have been killed a handful of those who are currently in the centre are being usee as under cover agents within Southern Cameroons. Their task is to brutalized and neutralise civilians under the guise of AMBA BOY.

As a follow up of our initial report, VOA has technically confirmed this information as published in the article below. VOA is claiming that 130 ex Amba fighters have escape from the DDR center. The commanding General of La Republique military has confirmed the report while twisting the truth.

The truth is that they were executed. The so called DDR is guarded 24/7 by elements of the gestapo BIR. It is myopic to even believe that they actually escaped.

This publication by Voice of America has authenticate Our internal source at the DDR who actually gave us the true account regarding the execution of the ex -fighters.
Those who are aiming to drop down their arms must be ready to face the consequences that awaits them at the DDR centre. Our forces must remain vigilant. Any ex-fighters who want to anchor in your camp must be chased out. Those are the double agents.



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