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Mbonge Massacre By Cameroun Indicates How Far Cameroun Can Go-Dr Ayaba Cho



Fellow Ambazonians

We have watched with horror images and videos emerging from Mbonge on the systematic and brutal assault on our people by the dark regime of occupation. While our specialist seek to establish the facts for purposes of accountability, we must once more be reminded of the extend to which Cameroun is willing to go to maintain Ambazonia in a state of servitude. My deepest sympathy to families affected and to the AMF and its fighters.

Fellow Ambazonians

While these events are difficult to accept let alone understand, we must constantly be reminded of the reasons that have compelled us to this journey. Cameroun is a nation of savages. It has survived through terror, impunity and employed corruption as a tool to dismantle any opposition to its rule of pain. As l have warned before, their inability to subdue us will translate into desperation and more killings. Look back and the sight of the killing fields, the blood of patriots and the pain of our people challenges your humanity. Look forward and there Hope. Yet to get to that destination we must soldier on with determination, be prepared to endure more pain and be persistent in our defiance.

In his Independence Day speech Patrice Lumumba of the DRC ask; who will ever forget the shootings which killed so many or the cells into which were mercilessly thrown those who no longer wished to submit to the regime of injustice, oppression and exploitation used by the colonialists as a tool of domination? Every drop of our blood, our tears and the burning scars of pain on our bodies and soul must be a reminder of the price we are paying to be free. The sun rose over homeland to expose the darkness that has hovered over our lives for 60 years.

We must continue to resist and with utmost ferocity until Cameroun is bundled out in disgrace. That’s the only way we can ever honour those who have died for homeland.

God bless Ambazonia

Dr Cho Ayaba

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