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SCAC Ghana Calls For R2P After Cameroun Colonial Military Massacre That Leaves At Least 20 Dead



Mbonge: Colonial Military Massacre Leaves At least 20 Dead

By Mbah Godlove

Southern Cameroons Community Ghana has decried the massacre of women and children in Mbonge. In a Press Release, SCAC Ghana President Prince Akere says the international community must now invoke the Responsibility To Protect-R2P, intervene and stop the daily massacre of civilians.

It should be recalled that latest information from Mbonge Local Government Area, Meme County shows images of at least 20 people killed by French Camerounian Military.

Elements of the colonial military, reliable sources say, stormed the locality earlier on Friday March 26, and assembled villagers; most of whom came to live their last moments.

At least 20 people including women, children and the elderly were summarily executed by the colonial agents in Mbonge.

A survivor of the massacre told the media that the soldiers brought with them locally made guns which they took pictures of, shortly after the scene to insinuate that those killed were Ambazonian Fighters.

The Mbonge incident is the latest targeted killings carried out in Ambazonia recently.

French Cameroun propagandist have taken to the social media claiming that the images of the deceased are those of restoration fighters.

Similar killings have been orchestrated in localities such as Ngarbuh, Pinyin, Bali Nyonga, Small Babanki and Mautu.

Victims of the Mbonge massacre have reiterated their wish to see the international Committee serve them justice.

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