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Ambazonia Military Commanders say no to elections: Implant anti Atanga Nji mechanism.



Ambazonia Military Commanders say no to elections: Implant anti Atanga Nji mechanism.

By Mbah Godlove.

Ambazonia generals across the country’s thirteen Counties have redoubled efforts to bring to bay any French Cameroun moves geared towards organizing municipal and legislative elections in their land.

Months ago, the military Commanders resolved to disband local elections that were due to be imposed on Ambazonian citizens by the colonial regime of La Republique du Cameroun on February 9, 2020. As an effective follow up to implement the decision to obstruct the said elections, the Ambazonia Ground Zero forces, in consultation with the people, had announced a Five-day lockdown of the territory from February 7 to February 12, 2020.

During a security meeting with French Cameroun governors, including the colonial administrators of the Northern and Southern Zone’s in Yaounde recently, Interior Minister, Paul Atanga Nji, claimed that February 9’s elections would take place across Amazonia despite growing threats from pro-independence fighters which he qualified as a terrorist.

Antagonized by the colonial slave’s statement, the high command of the Ambazonian military resorted to hatch fresh tactics to stamp their supremacy on February 9, a date set aside for illegal French Cameroun’s municipal and legislative elections.

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