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African Bar Association Entreats Britain To Champion A UN Organised and Supervised Plebiscite For Ambazonians



African Bar Association Entreats Britain To Champion A UN Organised and Supervised Plebiscite For Ambazonians

By Mbah Godlove

The President of the African Bar Association (AFBA), Hannibal Uwaifo has appealed to Southern Cameroons’ former colonizer,
Britain, to champion a UN, organized and supervised plebiscite for Ambazonians to decide their fate.

In a correspondence sent to Great Britain’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson recently, the legal luminary, Hannibal Uwaifo lamented that any decision to resolve the Ambazonian war of independence which is out of the people’s wish – either by conquest or from a third party – will only
lengthen and even worsen the ongoing mayhem.

AFBA’s President also accused the international community and major powers of the atrocities that have greatly been committed by the colonial military forces of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC).

The dictator Biya declared war whose death toll is presently estimated at over 15000, according to President Hannibal Uwaifo, is owing to the silence and lack of concern of these bodies in bringing the close to three-year deadly genocide to a peaceful end.

“Trenches have been dug and the Government of Cameroun has been encouraged to kill and imprison more as the United Nations, the Commonwealth of Nations and great countries like Great Britain, which handed the Southern Cameroons to Francophone Cameroun, have refused to speak decisively and hold the Cameroun Government accountable for crimes committed against defenseless citizens of Southern Cameroons,” the letter read in parts.

The African Bar Association head, however, saluted the Swiss mediation plan, but regretted that it has only been welcomed by one faction of the belligerents; Ambazonian leaders, while the ill-intention French Cameroun regime have rather remained adamant, and stood on their archaic principles that the problems of their country could be best solved by themselves – while thousands of Southern Cameroonians are constantly being brutally killed.

The African Bar President added that members of his Executive Councils are of the opinion that “rather than third party suggesting solutions for a problem which they are not suffering, the best and most transparent and democratic solution would be a UN-organised referendum in the British Southern Cameroons, for its people to pronounce themselves on whether they wish to continue to live under Cameroun; to form some kind of association with Cameroun, documented by treaty, or to govern themselves within their own internationally defined territory”.

He revealed “Scotland, Quebec, New Caledonia, Bougainville, the UK itself within the European Union, South Sudan and many other countries, have resorted to referenda to settle such supreme matters of interest to their people. There is no reason to deny the people of Southern Cameroons a similar opportunity for this supreme matter. We firmly believe that people should be given a chance to speak for themselves. This will automatically lead to a ceasefire. The conditions for such a referendum can be worked out to ensure transparency and fairness.”

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  1. Sunshine

    January 17, 2020 at 5:51 PM

    Nvomeka Mothers are mourning and grieving silently for their sons sacrificed for 90 year old biya

    This gives biya, the despot of french cameroun fever and very cold feet. Biya promotes his violence, extra-judicial killings and imprisonment of Ambazonians thinking this will not stop Ambazonians from establishing The Republic of Ambazonia. biya and his cabal will eventually move out of Southern Cameroun soon, never to return. Everyday biya thinks his army of cocoyam stems shall survive in Ambazonia, he receives bad news. If two weeks did stop total annihilation of Ambazonians by the bulu intervention rapid, 10 years will not. Our bulu nvomeka mothers are weeping and grieving quietly for their dead boys and fear biya will turn on them once he is driven out of The Republic of Ambazonia. The agony in nvomeka shall never cease as mothers will ever be reminded by graves wrapped in french cameroun flags on their door steps. biya’s declared war will never cease in french cameroun. Ambazonians will come out of this one winning and smelling like a ROSE!!!

  2. Bob Hensen

    January 17, 2020 at 5:51 PM

    Do Britain and the Un have the courage to answer this call positively? Most probably not, unless other countries or bodies like the EU, AU and Commonwealth support it.

  3. FB

    January 19, 2020 at 4:03 PM

    Whatever referendum is ultimately organized by the UN for former Southern Cameroonians to decide on their independence, the said UN must bring in its own peacekeepers (soldiers) to demilitarize Southern Cameroon (Ambazonia). There can be no free, fair and transparent referendum if the present war zone is not completely demilitarized. This means that all the BIR elements currently in Ambazonia must be moved out of the Southern Cameroon territory back to Yaounde, or any other place in La Republique du Cameroun (LRC) well outside the borders of Southern Cameroon. The conditions for transparency should be similar to those that led to West Cameroon’s independence on October 1, 1961 following a plebiscite. The UN can learn from history how the plebiscite was smoothly conducted without a hitch. Within a similar framework, a a free and fair referendum is likely to be conducted.

    • Jon

      January 20, 2020 at 8:18 AM

      Wishful thinking. BALONEY!!!! There is only one Cameroon in the world. And southern Cameroon is an integral part of that Cameroon.

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