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Tears Flow In Bafut Over Wanton Colonial Arrests And Killings



Tears Flow In Bafut Over Wanton Colonial Arrests And Killings

By Mbah Godlove

Inhabitance of Bafut local government area, Mezam County has been shedding tears following recent French Cameroun atrocities on the land.

The past 72 hours have been disastrous as colonial soldiers continue to instill anger on innocent civilians including women and children.

BN understands that Friday, July 23, remains a day of mourning in Bafut.

On that day, several locals were brutally murdered while dozens of others were whisked off.

” About 40 people were taken from their homes, including a medical doctor working at the Manje District hospital on Friday,” a resident told BN, adding that, the corpses of those killed are equally being buried.

The recent occurrences have left many a denizen weeping as colonial soldiers continue to wreak terror on the Bafut land.

Families whose relatives were rounded up have been wondering what they could do to see their loved ones.

Meantime, the population is in fear given that even their homes where they have been seeking refuge are no longer safe.

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