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Fru Ndi, SDF Chairman Offers Self As Mediator Between Ambazonia-Cameroun Conflict Parties




Ni John Fru Ndi, the Social Democratic Front-SDF Chairman has today offered himself to the Cameroun Government to act as a mediator before any dialogue. He says all must be released for the process to begin. Ni was speaking to Ngute, Cameroun PM as both politicians met in Bamenda, May 10th 2019 during Cameroun PM maiden visit to the region.

Political commentators have been asking if Fru Ndi can broker a mediation between Cameroun Government and Separatists? That is still to be seen especially as Cameroun government is insisting that dialogue cannot take place with separation on the agenda. Unfortunately, it is the separatists who are calling the shots in the Former British Southern Cameroons-Almbazonia now current South West and North West Regions

However, what the people of Ambazonia are saying is that any negotiation must take place in the presence of a third party country and should addressed only the root cause of the conflict as the United Nations and other countries have prescribed on several occassions. Such a negotiation must also see all Ambazonians released and must include the Ambazonia leadership in jail.

It should be recalled that during the Consortium days Southern Cameroonians were all shouting that the solution to the crisis lies in jail, referring to incarcerated Consortium leaders as a means to empower them so that they could be released. Cameroun Government should also know that those to Dialogue with are in their jails- Sisiku Ayuk Julius Tabe and team

Mark Bareta
May 10, 2019

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