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Colonial D.O’s Decision On School Resumption Leaves Ambazonians In Pandemonium



Colonial D.O’s Decision On School Resumption Leaves Ambazonians In Pandemonium

By Mbah Godlove

Some Southern Cameroonians in Nkambe, Northern Zone of Ambazonia have shown discontentment following a decision made by their colonial D.O, Laurent Che.

According to a press release published recently, the D.O compelled teachers of Primary and Secondary Schools to teach on Mondays, as from December 2, 2019.

Since the escalation of the Ambazonian war of independence in 2017, Mondays have been set aside by restoration fighters and Ambazonia activists as “Ghost town days” — to mourn Ambazonians who have died as a result of French Cameroun’s brutal military activities.

Owing to the La Republique du Cameroun’s military barbarism meted out on Southern Cameroonians across Ambazonia, school doors have been shot. According to UNICEF, over 855000 students have stayed out of school premises for the fourth academic year running.

Ambazonia activists and legal minds had raised concerns that the regime of French Cameroun has failed to preserve the specificities of the Anglosaxon subsystem of education.

Restoration fighters have ensured that students are given the best knowledge they deserve, as was propounded by late Barrister Bernard Muna in 2016 that the children could even stay at home for years to later achieve substantial education.

Meantime, some naughty students of Government Bilingual High School Nkambe are presently in captivity for daring to go against the wishes of Ambazonia fighters who have been working tirelessly in the restoration of the statehood of their territory — Ambazonia.

Some teachers and school goers have condemned the decision of the colonial D.O to go to school on Mondays. They argue that death toll might increase as
French Cameroun’s brutal forces could eventually clash with Restoration fighters around school premises.

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