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Bad Faith of colonial Regime, Ambazonians Toil in dilapidating Babajou Road



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Bad Faith of colonial Regime, Ambazonians Toil in dilapidating Babajou Road

By Mbah Godlove.

Thousands of Ambazonians have continuously suffered the effects of an abandoned stretch of road leading to Bamenda, capital of the Northern Zone.

Ambazonians using the Babajou stretch of road situated between Santa and neighbouring La Republique du Cameroun region Bafoussam, have described the passage as nightmarish.

Some of them have shared very painful experiences on the said stretch of road.

“Some colonial soldiers told us that we will continue to suffer and that the government will not construct a road for ‘terrorist”, an Ambazonian traveller revealed disappointedly.

Hundreds of Southern Cameroonians have often been left stranded at Babajou owing to the bad shape of the road.

Sources reveal that a project to repair the road was to be financed by the World Bank and the French Cameroun colonial regime.

The work which was expected to be delivered before 2016, the occupational administration has now said it has been impede by the Ambazonian War or Independence.

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