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Ambazonia’s Independence Anniversary: The Revolutionary Momentum is Still High Even in Pains




Ambazonia’s Independence Anniversary: The Revolutionary Momentum is Still High Even in Pains

On October 1, 2018, the people of Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia, through activities to celebrate the restoration of their independence, once again demonstrated their strong determination to a totally free homeland.

Despite colonial curfews imposed by the colonialists restricting movements and the call by the Interim Government of Ambazonia for indoors celebrations, the people still came out in a number of communities to tell the world that gone are the days of colonial intimidation. They have conquered fear and are not afraid to die like revolutionary heroes than to be slaughtered and burned in their homes like chickens.

While majority of the people particularly in the homeland stayed indoors and ghosted their communities, some in communities in the Northern zone such as Bello and Fundong in Boyo County, Bafut and Santa in Mezam, Weh and Esu in Menchum, Momo among others came out to joyously celebrate under the watch and supervision of various commanders of restoration forces.

In the Southern Zone, Ambazonians in some communities in Lebialem County, Mbonge in Meme and Muyuka in Fako came out to tell the world that Southern Cameroons is a free land. This they demonstrated this in songs and dance, chanting the Ambazonian national hymn and hoisting flags in their various localities. The Southern Cameroons refugee community in Nigeria were not left out in the celebrations, as the people danced and sang to the tunes of independence.

While some communities celebrated freely, others witnessed clashes between Ambazonian restoration forces and the colonial forces who came to disrupt celebrations. Attempts by the people of Kumbo to come out for celebration were interrupted by clashes between restoration forces and terrorist forces from French Cameroon. There were reports of an all-night and early morning gun duel in Buea, the Federal Capital between the two forces.  Fighting was also reported in Ekona, Kumba, Bambui and Bafut.

The day couldn’t have ended without the terrorist forces committing their usual atrocities. While they are reported to have invaded homes in Bafut and Kumbo searching for young Ambazonians for execution, those in Buea were on rampage in Mamu village completely razing down homes and properties, including the Chief’s palace. A grand mother who could not escape from the rampaging soldiers was burned into ashes. A young man known as Henry and said to be in his early 30s was also shot in the chin by terrorist forces and he later died at the regional hospital Buea.

The people of Southern Cameroons especially in the homeland have and continue to sent a clear message to the colonial Yaoundé regime and the international community; – Ambazonia is free and there is no going back. No matter the continuous extra judicial killing of innocent civilians and the destruction being caused by the colonial terrorists, the people are saying that these atrocities cannot break their resolve for a free homeland Ambazonia. French Cameroun, through these genocidal activities is only increasing the amount of reparation they must pay to the people of Ambazonia after the war.

James Agbor, BaretaNews Political Analyst


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  1. Malis

    October 2, 2018 at 10:30 PM

    It was a great day, one of those days we will never forget.

    Strong we stand, ahead, ahead.

    Long live the Federal Republic Of Ambazonia.

  2. Janice Beyongsi

    October 4, 2018 at 3:03 PM

    The day you SUB-HUMANS who did not invent schools showed your animalistic instincts by ordering the boycott of schools is what doomed your cause. It is not surprising as you NIGGERS never invented the English language but today act more English that the English man and his institutions. White people are busy planning their kids future by starting their education at Pre-K and Kindergarten levels with different head start programs. Sub-human monkeys frustrate a whole generation of innocent kids by burning down schools, threatening kids and then ordering BOYCOTTS in pure dictatorial manner. You achieved your education and now frustrate innocent peasant kids. Most of them have gravitated to peaceful Francophone areas where they continue their education unperturbed. Who is fooling whom??The right to intellectual freedom and EDUCATION is enshrined in the UN Charter .Why do you Baboons think it it okay to breach these rights? Show us the classrooms and other infrastructures you have created and show us any letter from global institutions and bodies accrediting the PUTATIVE Ambazonia department of Education??Do you pay fees for the kids ?PARENTS-YOU AND YOUR KIDS ARE NOT SLAVES TO ANYBODY AND THEREFORE THEY SHOULD ENJOY QUALITY EDUCATION.YOU DO NOT NEED THE IMPRIMATUR OF PEOPLE RESIDENT ABROAD WHERE THEIR KIDS ARE WELL FED AND ATTEND THE BEST SCHOOLS ON EARTH TO TELL YOU WHAT TO DO.THESE GUYS ARE INVOLVED IN NYONGO AND OTHER OCCULTIC SOCIETIES .DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM.
    COFFEE BANG FEN_OOOOOOOOOOO!ABE SHU!A BE SHU! Restoration of what FORCES punk ass Mark WIRKI SHIT NTUM???You guys better disband those gangs of baboons and FECAL MATERIALs of Barbarians called Restoration forces. Did you guys ever create Cameroon? Go sleep in trees where you lived when the white man came and discovered you. Nko NGONDZEN KIKIKILAKI!A Yua !ABENI!ABESHU.Nyam Ngiri!Nyam Nwerong !Nyam Fuka!
    Do not FUCKING call this pragmatic NEGROE and SLAVE for it takes a Slave master like Bara and Cho Ayaba and even Anu Tepong SATAN and Tapang Tsing KNKU to know and label or confer SLAVE status on somebody. You have hijacked the people of the North West and South West regions for your macabre NYONGO hallucinating schemes. For two years you and Ambazonia have brought nothing but ECONOMIC genocide in the form of GHOST Towns, TYRANNY and DICTATOSHIP as nobody can exercise their rights to freewill and democracy. Should I mention the rampant destruction and pyromania and thuggery as well as kidnappings for ransom???
    Let me teach you one thing that you PIECES of SHIT Baboons fail to know:
    You were walking butt naked when the white man came in the 1800’s and he helped clothe and feed us for we were cannibals.-No AMBAZONIA then.
    -You were taught the white man’s English and a bit of his institutions were imposed on you but you remained the same barbarians for Cho Ayaba and Bara and all Negroes can be taken out of the Jungle and Graffi lands of Cameroon but the Jungle will never be taken out of them.
    The white man invented the GCE, Common Law system, cars, Twitter, Facebook and computers Facebook, English is his language .
    HOW THE FUCK do you CHILD MOLESTERS who NEVER invented SCHOOL but would rather burn them down and HIJACK/PREVENT Innocent kids from attending them have the guts to even speak?
    You have to know your place ;Chirac -then French President said Democracy is a luxury for Africans and they can ill afford it. Sarkozy said the Africans have contributed nothing to History for they have had the same repetitive cycles of living over centuries. They are right. What has the PUTATIVE republic of Ambazonia created since November 2016 apart from violence, mayhem, NYONGO and cyber-terrorism???
    African countries including Nigeria and Cameroon belong to the former colonial masters like Britain, France, Spain and Portugal. All our president are not independent but only watch the PLANTATIONS that their countries are for MASSA the colonial masters. Thus BIya is not even autonomous but just an OVERSEAR of the plantation or HEAD_NIGGER_IN_Chief; a position some or all of you will never have even if you dream about the utopian Ambazonia until the year 3000!Chief Teze and other chiefs have credentials and are pragmatic unlike you hallucinating about republics that will never see the day!
    Why don’t you guys block Cameroonian petrol exports by deploying your Amba RED Devils and SATAN in the high seas and stop tankers exporting petrol with your ODESHI and Belo Kom Juju?

    What do you expect from a bushman from Kom who has never forgiven the Cameroon gov,t for yanking him off the sports desk at CRTV where he made trips abroad and fortunes in the form of out station allowances? What do you expect from a MONKEY who married his to a Bafoussam lady but pretends to hate his NGGER kith and kin because they were taught French and are called Francophones! What do you expect from a DUMB ass PUNK living in West Virginian mansion with rental property bringing him millions a month yet he preaches economic suicide and genocide for the poor masses of the North West and South West regions? What do you expect from a man who walked naked barely 90 years ago and when taught a bit of English and immersed into English institutions he now claims to be English? What do you expect from a man who is not pragmatic to know that white people created the IMF where he works, the UN and British and French will always secure their interest first and not that of a bunch of fakes, crooks, conmen and madmen called Ambazonia.Ask BOH Herbert if in his sub-human has ever constructed a classroom in Njinikom let a lone supply a borehole to his suffering and fellow poor dirty MONKEYS!The whole world is vindicated by what transcribed over the weekend on the Bamenda-Yaounde Highway.Boh Herbert’s drug addicts and kidnappers seized a caterpillar next to potholes on a road that was being constructed .Instead of filling just potholes they destroyed the road and then proceeded to chop off /mangle buses and also kill two civilians .They lined up passengers and extorted their phones, money and other possessions while destroying their Id cards. The Cameroon Army came to the rescue and the roads where repaired in a flash of lightening. Boh Herbert ,Njoh Limbe, Sako, Mark Bara and online generals and the PUTATIVE republic of AMBAzonia set up by nobody and recognized by nobody has been caught pants down and the chicken has come home to roost. Now Boh is crying wolf and trying or refusing to take blame for his atrocities. Shame Boh Herbert and take responsibility for your Killings, Ghost Town and the Saturday incident. Your PUNK ASS misfits and miscreants vamoosed into the bushes the moment a professional Army arrived! After decades in America and Europe, you guys behave like the VIOLENT Sub-Human MONKEYS online truly vindicates those who say that you can take a Black man MONKEY from the jungle but the jungle will

  3. .Martin

    October 5, 2018 at 2:38 PM

    Almighty God created you and the baboons

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