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Hosting of AFCON 2019: Ambazonian Interim Government Warns CAF, as Yaoundé Romances CAF President with Gold.



Interim Government of Ambazonia and CAF

Hosting of AFCON 2019: Ambazonian Interim Government Warns CAF, as Yaoundé Romances CAF President with Gold.

The question as to whether the Cameroons will play host to the 2019 African Cup of Nations or not is still to be answered. Barely a few months to the kick of the competition, French Cameroon’s dictatorial regime appears grossly unprepared in terms of logistics and infrastructure, coupled with the present state of insecurity arising from the Ambazonian war of independence brought upon the people of Southern Cameroons by the colonialist, Paul Biya himself.

The people of Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia, whose cities of Buea and Victoria are among the host cities, have vowed that the competition cannot hold in their territory; not when the Yaoundé colonial regime is prosecuting a genocidal war against the sovereign people of Ambazonia.

The Acting President of the Interim Government of Ambazonia, Dr. Samuel Ikome Sako, had earlier written to the CAF President, informing him of the current war in Ambazonia and the possible consequences that would welcome any visiting team, if his organization does not revoke the Cameroons as host country for the continental football jamboree.

In his Independence anniversary speech, the Acting President reiterated the stand of the Ambazonian people against any African Nations Cup to be played in the territory of Ambazonia, when its people are in a war declared on them by their own so-called President.

“I wish therefore to seize this opportunity to advise the Confederation of African Football; We want you to cancel any football competition in our national territory without the consent of our government… We are an oppressed people merely struggling to defend ourselves from Mr. Biya’s Monstrosity and we cannot advice the precious organizers of this major tournament, the proposed CAF AFCON 2019 Soccer tournament to ignore a risk of such magnitude.” The Acting President said.

In a desperate move to prevent CAF from revoking the hosting right from it, the colonial Biya regime has embarked on its usual bribery and lobby tactics even when it knows that the Banana Republic is not ready to host the competition which has even witnessed an increased in the number of participating teams in this 2019 edition.

After the using the football icon Samuel Eto’o to bring the CAF President to Yaoundé, the colonialist failed to tell the visiting football administrator whether his country was ready to host the competition or not but rather stated that; “… Cameroon will be ready on the D-day.”

Of course, the CAF President did not leave the Etoudi King’s Palace without his own share of a golden trophy, as is always distributed to critical visitors to the king’s presidential palace.

Considering the state of unpreparedness of the colonial republic in terms of infrastructure and the security threat from the war in Ambazonia, will the golden trophy also be able to confuse Mr. Ahmad to compromise the quality of the 2018 African football competition and put the lives of African footballers and visitors in danger?

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