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Yaounde is NOT to Blame- Prof George Nyamndi







Prof George Nyamndi is a University of Buea Don. He is one of those brilliant Southern Cameroons mind who say it as it is. Gentle and a man of honour has said we cannot blame Yaounde. That Yaounde is even surprised at our attitudes. BaretaNews strangely agree with him. Read on


Yaounde is NOT to blame.

My Dear People of Cameroon,

I hear some people say Yaounde has done this, Yaounde has done that. Look at the carnage! Look at the genocide! They have called us dogs! Our people are slaves in their own land.

Yes, that is all very true. But is Yaounde to blame? Are we going to blame a person for being himself? What is Yaounde doing today that it was not doing in 1961 when the U.N. proposed them as a choice in the 11 February plebiscite of that year? When the U.N. put those two questions to the British Southern Cameroona, did it cross their mind that they were asking the territory to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea, between the hammer and the anvil, between the rock and the hard place?


When you cast a sheep in the lion’s waiting fangs, are you surprised to see blood? I am not. The gory sight does not surprise me. It doesn’t surprise the U.N. either.

Whatever is happening to the erstwhile territory of the British Southern Cameroons cannot be blamed on Yaounde. Yaounde is even surprised and somewhat irritated. The U.N. never told them to expect noise of any kind from the little gift. How in God’s name could the U.N. have asked a territory placed under its care to accede to independence by choosing the very negation of independence? That’s a question only the U.N. can answer. Even Yaounde is astounded

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