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Anglophone Crisis: Balla’s CHRDA Parners With France FIDH










Barrister Agbor Nkongho Balla continues his advocacy across the world highlighting the plight of Anglophone Cameroon whenever he gets the opportunity. Using his human rights organisation, Barrister Agbor Nkongho has partnered with a French human right organisation to present the true picture of the situation in Southern Cameroons. In a short statement sent out by the CEO of CHRDA, they have all agreed to investigate war crimes, crimes against human rights and the unnecessary use of force in Anglophone Cameroon and make sure during the next African Commission Of Human and people’s rights, a complete picture of the ongoing conflict is presented. The full statement is herein:


While in Paris, France I had a very important meeting with FIDH, MOUVEMENT MONDIAL DES DROITS HUMAINS (International Federation for Human Rights), they have advocated for the rights of Anglophones especially following the October 1, 2017 violence and brutal military crackdown.

We discussed on the situation of Anglophone detainees, many of whom are detained without charges and many others going through lengthy trials with lack of evidence by military courts. Several proposed solutions were made to ensure the release of detainees, which will be a step towards appeasement. Another major concern raised was the large influx of refugees into Nigeria, their living conditions, and methods to sustain them since many have lost their livelihood.

Concerns were expressed over upcoming elections this year, especially in crisis rocked North West and South West Regions, with ongoing military operations, war conditions and deserted communities.

During this meeting, we discussed on more cooperation between FIDH and CHRDA to investigate war crimes, crimes against humanity and unnecessary use of force in North West and South West Regions, and to ensure no one goes unpunished.

Additionally, we agreed to work on addressing the next session of the African Commission of Human and People’s Rights, to present a full picture of the Anglophone crisis, human rights violations and proposals for solutions.

—Agbor Nkongho
CENTRE for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa.

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