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Today’s Town Hall Meetings: Fru Ndi’s Vexations, Ayaba’s Inspirations



Today saw two town halls holding at the same time: Southern Cameroons International Town Hall and the Ambazonia Governing Council Town hall. While BaretaNews thinks that leadership of both town halls should endeavor to ensure that these virtual town halls are held separately at different times considering the fact that both have somewhat the same sympathizers and following, this is what BaretaNews captured as take aways from them.

Enter Ni John Fru Ndi as a guest in Southern Cameroons International Town Hall 

Addressing Southern Cameroonians in a Southern Cameroons International Town Hall-SCITH today Saturday 25th July, 2020 broadcast live on SCBC, Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi engaged in a heated debate with Ambazonians with each sides listening to each other. BaretaNews captured the following as Fru Ndi concluded:
1. You have disgraced the Anglophone struggle by people only fighting for money
2. I have seen the governments you people have formed in the diaspora. Until you guys bring yourself together, you are fighting a lost war. Your directives are not coordinated
3. I hear someone contributed 2000 USD for the war I laughed (Fru Ndi insinuating that we are just joking). Fru continued..” lets sit down as brothers and sisters and organised ourselves, chat a way forward for the suffering of those back home”
4. When I was taken by Amba boys, they sang their anthem and let me confess, they sang it so well and it was nice but they cannot forced that on me.
Fru Ndi general tone and message was that Ambazonia leaders in the diaspora have failed and they need to close ranks, come together, get a coordinated directives less it is a lost war they are fighting
Cho Ayaba gave a different note, stating Ambazonia Is Not An NGO
Dr. Ayaba Cho Lucas, Ambazonia revolutionary leader in an AGovC organised town hall on zoom today 25th July, 2020 focused on Fako and Manyu States has called on Ambazonians to increase their spending power on the ground. Ayaba in a spiritful statement during the call said Ambazonians must not look at the money they give as donations because Ambazonia is not an NGO, you only donate to an NGO-Cho Ayaba cried out. He challenged Ambazonians to see their spending on the ground as a commitment. You have to commit to the revolution and that means arming the Ambazonia Fighters to chase Cameroun to the pit of hell. Ayaba reminded Ambazonians that Cameroun will run out of Ambazonia and all the signs are already glaring to that effect. When Cameroun starts borrowing money from one department to finance her military, her developmental projects suffer and the system collapse. It is only when Cameroun will pull out of Ambazonia- Ayaba opined. Cho Ayaba went on to enjoined all present and those without to know that only their commitment will free Ambazonia and that means visiting to put hard weaponry in the hands of the defense forces, the revolutionary leader prayed and concluded. The session went on with Ambazonians committing live with defense and diplomatic chiefs offering advise on the state of the revolution
July 25th, 2020

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sunshine

    July 26, 2020 at 5:32 AM

    Chatting a way forward is investing in Amba Bonds, joining the war draft and motivating THE AMBAZONIA SELF DEFENSE GROUPS ON GZ. Lrc understand one language only; BRUTAL FORCE. Showing respect and understanding to Lrc, is inviting them to continue the killing, miming, raping of our women, burning our villages, and imprisoning those they were not able to kill and pushing Ambazonians into exile. Lrc – bir has no mercy for Ambazonians. Do not believe france and Lrc; these are people living in falsehood and arrogance. Nothing positive can be said about Ambazonia in the UN Security Council with france as member. UN listens to france regarding Ambazonia. African Union listens to france regarding Ambazonia. france’s aim is total colonization of Ambazonia by the francophonie via Lrc as has been for 59 years. The only option Ambazonia is to fight to the end for TOTAL INDEPENDENCE. MAKE Lrc very uncomfortable in GZ. The UN Security Council = france. Ambazonia as of now has no friend in the UN. Wise people will discover that the UN, African Union, France and Britain have looked away for over three years as france and Lrc butcher 25,000 of Ambazonians in cold blood. Ambazonians need to wise-up in determining our future. Listen to H.E. Ayuk Tabe, Cho Ayaba and TRUE Ambazonians and fund our SELF DEFENSE GROUPS in GZ. Why did biya send his elite bir to GZ? Biya believed the bir will neutralize all AMBAZONIAN defense groups and end the protests in two weeks. At moment, the bir has already neutralized over 25,000 Ambazonians in 3 years while UN, france and the world look the other way. Biya and Lrc do not believe in talks, negotiations or a Federation with AMBAZONIA. When you talk about france, remember the genocide in Ruanda. Genocide is actively taking place now in Ambazonia by lrc-bir, sponsored by france. THE ONLY OPTION FOR AMBAZONIANS IS SELF DEFENSE BECAUSE LRC SHALL NEVER COME TO THE NEGOTIATION TABLE OR TALKS WITH AMBAZONIA – IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!!! BIYA’S REGIME BELIEVES IT WILL EVENTUALLY WIPE OFF AMBAZONIA FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH WITH THE COMPLICITY OF THE UN AND THE AFRICAN UNION, FRANCE AND BRITAIN.

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