Pro & Anti-Revolutionary Hostilities & the Colonial Presidential Election in Ambazonia

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Pro & Anti-Revolutionary Hostilities & the Colonial Presidential Election in Ambazonia

The anti-revolutionary terrorist and genocidal colonial regime of the Yaoundé appears not to be giving up in its attempt to reassert its false legitimacy in Southern Cameroons, by staging an October 7, 2018 political farce in the name of Presidential elections. The Ambazonian revolutionary gentlemen on their part have vowed not to allow any electioneering masquerade in their territory.

Consequently, one month to voting day as decreed by the colonialists, Paul Biya, hostilities are intensifying in both camps as they brace themselves to enforced their positions. It is crystal clear that no Ambazonians would dare to show his or her face outside on that day, not to talk of going to cast a silly vote.

The continues pressure and hostilities being exerted by the terrorist regime is therefore to create an enabling ballot-stuffing environment where they could perform their usual political mafia. Will Ambazonians Restoration forces allow then to orchestrate this colonial atrocity in the land?

And so Monday 3rd and yesterday September 4, 2018 were characterized by a number of pro and anti-revolutionary hostilities across Ambazonia.

On Monday morning, while Ambazonians were indoors observing an intense ghost town, the Yaoundé terrorists were busy trying to pitch the people against the Ambazonian restoration forces, by kidnapping a school principal and his students in Bafut. Ambazonia Revolutionary fighters were to later invade their based in Agyiati Bafut, dismantling the colonial infrastructure being used to terrorize the people.

On Tuesday, the chief town of Bamenda the Northern zone, was engulfed in clashes between revolutionary forces and the Yaoundé occupied forces that temporarily shut down the city. In the ensuing violence, two innocent civilians- Pa Nyamsi Sebastine, who was spraying his crops in his farm and Ndifon Wilfred Mbunwi, a passenger, were shot by the Biya’s terrorist forces.

In Sabga, still in the Northern zone, revolutionary forces raided colonial police extorting point, arrested one of them and recovered a series of colonial terrorist gadgets including a bunch of condoms and cocain which they have been using to rape Ambazonian women. In frustration, the rest of the colonialists along the Bamenda-Ndop road descended on the approaching vehicle of one Mr. Siddi, a district Chair of the colonial opposition SDF party in Ndop. Some three persons traveling with him were shot dead, while he survived a bullet on his head.

In Wum, Menchum County, terrorist soldiers went on rampage beating and assaulting parents for failing to send their children to school. Esu and Zhoa still in Menchum County remain no go areas for the colonial terrorist, as restoration forces appear to have taken control of the area. Oku, the village of the colonial Prime Minister Yang Philemon, remains deserted after revolutionary forces intercepted colonial election agents and an election rigging machinery on its way to Oku. The paramount ruler who is reported to have been anti people was taken for interrogations and have since then been held in captive.

In the Southern Zone, revolutionary forces have mobilized themselves in Fako and other counties like Meme, Lebialem, Manyu, Kupe and Ndian ready to confront any agent of colonial electioneering across the region. There have been clashes in the past days in Muyuka, Muyenge, Buea and Mile 14 Lykoko.

It is therefore clear from the activities of these few days in the U.N. General assembly month of September that; it is going to be a hot month. As the colonial agents intensify their attempts to suppress the unsuppressed revolution, restoration forces are equally determined and ready to crush anything with colonial inclinations, including those facilitating and abating the genocidal mission of the Yaoundé-sent terrorist.

It is a war declared by Paul BIYA and Ambazonians have no choice than to embraced the war with all accompanying consequences or sit and watch Biya terrorists kill them like chickens.  It’s therefore the AMBAZONIAN WAR OF INDEPENDENCE. Those who can no longer withstand the heat or are sympathetic to the limping terrorist regime must consider picking up refugee status anywhere.

Mr. BIYA and his political marauders considered the peace plants and non-violent rhetoric of Ambazonians for the many years as a sign of weakness. They brandished themselves as guarantors of so-called republican institutions, who deserve the right to and monopoly of violence. But the time has come and now is the time for Southern Cameroonians/Ambazonians to study and fully engage the AMBAZONIAN WAR OF INDEPENDENCE to its logical conclusion. By the time we are successful, those privileged to see a FREE AMBAZONIA  shall have all the time and luxury to study PHILOSOPHY AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mukong

    September 6, 2018 at 4:12 PM

    Criminals never willingly surrender their ill gotten loots. Hence Biya and the Beti/Bulu/Ewondo criminal gang syndicate will only succumb by the barrel of the gun.
    Ambazonians, we must stand tall so as to put an end to this 20th century slavery that is being orchestrated on our land by these french slave call Biya and his good for nothing kinsmen.

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