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Southern Cameroons Should Follow Eyumojock Example



The Eyumojock Magic: How to do it in your community.

It is important that we take control of our counties preferably to call it Local Government Areas. I am making this strategy public because this is the only means to get it out there for all diasporans to know. I am aware La Republique agents read and may take note of the strategy but it is ok because they have no means to stop it. This is what the people of Eyumojock did. Diaspora is the key to this struggle, internet or not the block by block strategy must hold.

Eyumojock Southern Cameroonians in the diaspora grouped themselves in a secure whatsapp group where ideas are shared, resources gathered and they made it a duty to identify youth heads in their locality, once they read messages from the Consortium, they relay to these heads who distribute it by text messages. As parents go to the farms, as youth go to the stream/river, as they meet in palm wine houses, in their bed rooms, they discussed these directives from the consortium and that is how ghost towns and non-school resumption has been effected in Eyumojock and Manyu as a whole. The Eyumojock group in the diaspora also carry out their own personal actions back home and that’s how Eyumojock has been successful. Now let us replicate this elsewhere. We are going to group ourselves now in the diaspora in local Government areas i.e if you are from Nkambe, Tiko, Kumba, Buea, Bamenda, Ekondo Titi, Mundemba, Limbe, Kumbo, Wum, Ndian, Nguty, Idenau etc. This is what you should do.

1. Create a secured whatsapp group and add members ONLY from your local government area. Add members from around the globe and make some whatsapp administrators so that they too can add others. Please, you must add only those with proven records of supporting this struggle and you see their passion. The group must not be big. Add only dedicated members.

2. Set down rules of engagement in your group. Now, most of you know youths and leaders in your community who can get things done. Identify these youths, talk with them, ask them to group themselves. Let them receive directives from you guys. Keep them inform of all what is happening out here. Give them weekly action from the consortium in terms of ghost towns and tell them to use all means to enforce ghost towns and non school resumption if any dares.

3. Within your group, you know your community very well. Contribute some finances, gather resources and send to these guys as stipends to keep them in check. You can engage them in other activities as peculiar to your local government area. The idea is to reclaim your neighborhood block by block.

Yes, this is how we can do it from all 13 counties in Southern Cameroons. Someone reading me can begin now by creating a group of people just from your local government areas and start engaging. We must follow the Eyumojock Resistance Strategy. This struggle lies with the diaspora. We shall help our people reclaim our lost state.

This advice is coming after one of the Eyumojock brains in the diaspora who called and advise me to put it out there for Southern Cameroonians to follow, so I had to craft this post for you. This is what they are doing. We can steal from them. Yes, let us be the drivers of our destiny.

Mark Bareta.

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