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Professor Sampson Mbene Responds To Anglophone Bishops: Churches Champion Freedom Crusades







Dear Compatriots,

The Catholic Bishops seem to be mad people like Paul Biya/LRC. Who told them that there is school when there is war. These nonentities up to now don’t understand that there is war and Paul Biya/LRC are ready to kill everyone including them.

The Presbyterian and the Baptist will soon come up with their rubbish of schools to function. Schools don’t function anywhere during war anywhere in the world for safety reasons

Your conclusion in the write up has silly stinking opinion. Our parents in Ambaland can’t challenge the decision of the IG. We have two nations since October 1, 2017. We will run our schools when we are in control of Ambaland for security reasons. Our parents must not send their kids to school in Ambaland.

The clergy will soon have no churches because of their stupidity and cowardice. They will soon have no followers, as traitors betraying their followers to Paul Biya/LRC. They will have no churches/schools if they have no followers. The people make the church/school and without people they won’t exist. We are in a phase of the war that anybody/thing that stands on our ways must be crushed including the traitors in the name of clergy.

The clergy in the world had championed the crusade for freedom while ours are sell outs and cowards. We need not go to church if it is led by this type of people who support injustice.. Paul Biya/LRC forces have burnt down more than one hundred villages, killed thousands, 250,000 displaced and nearly 100,000 as refugees in Nigeria, our leaders in detention and others jailed. How do we allow our schools to function under the governance of Paul Biya/LRC in our nation? If the Bishops can be as daft as that; then they must not operate their churches/schools in the SCs/Ambazonia.

These crazy people to be writing nonsense for schools to function, is unbelievable. Are they truly the shepherds of God? What makes them to be better than their Christians? Their communique is filled with trash; it shows that they are passive in the revolution/war/restoration and defend of our people and nation..

We have bypassed the phase of playing of games after our AACC Conference in the Washington, DC, USA telling President, Mr Donald Trump, the people of the USA and the world that we are a nation of our own by rights and the international law. The Christian religion will not hold us hostage. We vow to crush any resistance on the resolve of our nationhood; for these Bishops are not better than anyone of us killed by Paul Biya/LRC. This type of clergy do neither make Jesus, the Christ nor God, Therefore, any SCs/Ambazonian parent and kid who listen to these corrupt and treacherous people in the name of Christianity to support the carnage of our people by Paul Biya/LRC will be doing that at their optimum risk, so be it.

This is no longer a matter of opinion; hence, our parents/kids must not listen to them, as far as schools to function is a matter that calls for opinion on the decision of the IG, no democracy to water down this decision. So big mouths and wish acres in the Diaspora should shot them up; there is no place for this shit hole anymore, we reiterate. We will close down even the Churches in Ambaland if they dare.. Paul Biya/LRC had been killing their clergy/medical staff, burning down their schools and hospitals; what have they done, ass holes?,Let them tell Paul Biya/LRC pull out of Ambaland and we will run our schools; the Bishops/ the Christian Church as a whole.

These are the people of God, SCs/Ambazonians, where must we go to be saved by God?

Nkanle HRH Professor Sampson N B MBENE

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