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Beware Of “Anglophone” Vipers: The Case Of “Anglophone”Politicians









Beware of the Vipers of this world: The patience of a Viper is a time rated strategy to gain better striking position. It’s not a virtue but an ironclad reputation which her many victims have taken to their grave. Most people would not hesitate to threaten others; they will quickly decree dead on their adversaries and easily get confrontational. They eliminate the relevance of strategy in their battles; They completely dismiss the component of distance in their offensive calculations, they exercise no judgement on the effects of time, words, weather, norms and even the lifespan of propaganda.

These individuals have the most scenical apprehension of power; they live without estimation of the high risks about their lives, attitude and ignorance. Threats have sent electric shocks on the spines of cowards, but to think that threats are destined to accomplish acts of war or subdue all creatures is insanity of the most depraved height. The better and bigger men in society have adopted the Viper’s approach against their enemies and those they consider contemptuous, in reference to their interest.

These vipers are always cautious, never seem interested to engage in conflicts, hardly declaring war, ever discrete, pretending not to feel the pain of innocent manoeuvres on them, and disguising their presence in necessities and the surrounding atmosphere. They remain most times unprovoked by the, seemingly, dangerous manoeuvres of the weaker and more vulnerable folks, when out of striking distance. But, these vipers would not hesitate to upload deadly venom on anything, innocent or not, that exposes itself to their merciless fangs.

Politicians have always waited for their adversaries to exhaust themselves, for the potential victim to invoke curses upon his affiliations, offend powerful voices within unforgivable circles, incur irrecoverable economic loss, sing their songs out of the market etc before they intervene to change the rhythm. They know each other and would keep their distance to avoid nasty repercussions. They would not strike anyone unless they are certain that it can not missed the target and it’s the one necessary blow to cripple or paralyse an enemy.

Those who are quiet in every society, in times of conflict, are waiting to be the decider of the outcome; they would lend a hand only when it would make the difference, they will make bold statement only when the fate of things and persons is certain, they will pledge allegiance when it will be remembered and rewarded. Beware; Do not attempt to seize the air of an open wield or put on a colourful dancing costumes without good practice or take up performance at an empty stage or shout out your energy in the cacophony of a mad crowd or anger the unforgettable and unforgivable silent creatures in society. Do not make yourself an enemy to those you don’t know, they may not warn or threaten you before striking.

Donatus Wan Obi

Revolutionary Leader

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