Catholic Priest Writes Open Letter To British Government: YOU ARE GUILTY OF THE SIN OF BETRAYAL







I, Rev. Fr. Esua Andrew Forka, CMF, an ordained Roman Catholic Priest in communion with the heavenly host of Angels publicly accuse the British government of the sin of betrayal that has led to the past and present genocide of Southern Cameroonians by the French Cameroun Government for over 56 years.

In 1916, the British took over Southern Cameroon (S C) from the Germans through the Milner-Simon Agreement signed on the 10th of July 1919. The people of SC welcomed you and trusted you. They imbibed your anglo-saxon system and implemented it because it worked exactly with their system of justice and peace in their different chiefdoms.

In the plebiscite of 1961, you the British government ruled out the voice of this people crying out loudly to become a political entity despite the fact that in November 1960 a delegation of southern Cameroonians Lead by John Ngu Foncha came to London to put before your high office the loud cry of Southern Cameroonians.

The British vehemently rejected their plea and maintained their stance because of selfish political ambitions. You rejected the voices of the parents of this 8 million people today.

You instead gave Southern Cameroonians the option to either associate with Nigeria or with French Cameroun You the British government preferred Southern Cameroonians to remain with Nigeria where you could still command them but when you discovered that they instead chose French Cameroun you went into a deal with the French government and handed this people and their land so that they could be assimilated and be erased from the face of the earth.

The French government in collaboration with the Cameroon government have been faithful to this call and vision. Facts and figures speak loudly. Nobody can change history. Here we are today.

It started as a crisis in October 2016 in Southern Cameroons, moved to a conflict and finally it’s a genocide and you are still silent. We do not need to wait for UN to declare it a genocide. Thousands of people have been massacred. Some slaughtered like animals. A hundred and forty villages erased. Hundreds of thousands displaced internally and on exile. With the Heavenly authority, I wish to tell you out rightly that you British government you are guilty and responsible for the genocide happening in Ambazonian. The blood of these people is upon you and your nation.

You rejected to hear the cry of these people and you still continue to ignore them. You are guilty of the sin of betrayal. This people are suffering today because of your betrayal. When the people of Nineveh sinned against God they asked God for forgiveness and God forgave them and restored their lost dignity. You, the British government, you are guilty of the sin of betrayal and it’s a national sin. The leaders of the people of Nineveh by their selfish political agendas also invoked a national sin upon their people and God was ready to erase them from the face of the earth but when they turned to God, He forgave them.

In your national anthem, you say ‘’God save the queen’’ because you trust in God. It’s high time you turn to this same God for you to understand what I am telling you. When Cain killed Abel the scripture says it was not only the voice of Abel crying for vengeance but also the voices of his children’s children that were to come to earth through him.

I want to remind you that it’s 56 years today that you betrayed Southern Cameroonians and you still ignore them. Millions of souls have been massacred because they dared to speak out. The voices of these souls and their generations that were to exist are crying for vengeance.

You the British government of this generation need to revoke this curse on your nation and save your people so that your innocent citizens will not continue to suffer what they do not understand. Save your people. Go back and resolve this problem that you created because it has made thousands of children to become orphans. The voices of these children increase the anger of God. Peace is better than war. War does not only happen in the physical it is more radical in the spiritual. May God bless you and save your nation for He is the commander in chief. God is just and renders justice to the oppressed but roars like thunder to the oppressor and his collaborators.


Rev. Father Esua Andrew Forka, CMF.

If you love justice and peace Share this to all British citizens for their awareness. As a British citizen if you love your nation share this with your friends



  1. Sunshine

    November 14, 2018 at 1:32 AM

    british, france and french cameroun BETRAYAL!

    The British government is very aware of the genocide french cameroon unleashed on Ambazonia two years ago but britian looks the other way because her hands are tied. Recently, even with this understanding of french cameroun killing innocent people in Ambazonia, britain went ahead to cut deals with french cameroun to drain all the oil from Ambazonia and sell to them. The british have no mercy and at best very treacherous and blood thirsty just like french cameroun. As Fr. Esua said, the british are guilty of the sin of betrayal. Ambazonians stopped looking up to the british because of their crudeness and treachery watching poor Ambazonians killed left and right by the crime ridden biya regime. Like a sling shot that killed Goliath, Ambazonians shall use their den guns to defend themselves agaist biya’s well trained western forces. biya declared war when Ambazonians olnly asked for their problems to be looked into peacefully but biya and his british and french partners declared this war on us to kill us off and stop us from ever getting our issues addressed. Yes, Ambazonians are being killed in droves daily by french cameroun forces. Ambazonians are undetered and will continue to pay for speaking truth to biya’s criminal and corrupt regime. What we know is that Ambazonians shall all be killed by the british, france and french cameroun forces for speaking TRUTH. Our sincere thanks to the Amba forces who have protected us up to this moment with what they have. Shame on britian, france, the UN, and AU for allowing biya to kill off Ambazonians. Ambazonia shall have the last laugh come what may!!!

  2. Mukong

    November 14, 2018 at 5:01 PM

    While we can still continue to call out the British for their betrayal of our parents, ultimately, we must not forget that Ambazonians are the ones in control of the trajectory of their destiny. We must and should never relent in making sure that we do not take off our eyes from the prize.

  3. Che Kinsgley

    November 16, 2018 at 3:48 PM

    We should have started with a peaceful dialogue before embarking on this deadly adventure.
    We thought our so-called friends will support us—A GRAVE MISTAKE !

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