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The Bishops Should Excommunicate Biya- Rev. Charles Matute



The way Forward by Rev. Friar Charles LYONGA MATUTE.

What I suggest is that all these leaders should meet take a vow and a written agreement that after the restoration no one stays in office. They should all give their powers then federal governments formed in the various states that will be created. This agreement should be as binding as the constitution. A two party system like that of the US should be preferable to clear off power mongering politicians who have nothing to offer rather than to use the political platform to enrich themselves like Ni John and Co.

So many GoFundme movements are being born day in day out. To me, there are more fake ones so I suggest we see into a body that such funds could be accounted for. Those collecting funds should do it with good faith and please no one should give money to a doubtful source and all those who cannot account for should note that when we get to Buea we shall try them.

It is time we seek strategies which will help our struggle. Let us shun from public critics of our fellow Ambazonians.Those Federalists who want to use our leaders in jail as their passport to remain under la republique slavery I have this for you:

Those in jail are not guilty of any crime and there is no law that will judge you on crimes committed after your arrest by others even if they are your accomplices so let us not try to twist justice to favour our course and make others look vulnerable. If Bala and co are to be judged it will be based on their stand as from the day of their arrest. And there is no case against them. So let us stop this quarter arguments. Those are some of the facts La Republique wants to use to intimidate us so as to negotiate for federation but we say too late Hewett. People who were arrested without any due procedures why do you think buying to the last wish of the government can be of any help. Even if Bala is for total restoration as a jurist he knows best that staying on his stand as from the time of his arrest will make the charges on secession complicated for his barbaric accusers.

So let us out here be focused and not get confused. Those back at home cannot openly declare secession as they shall be open to torture and intimidation. Those of us in the diaspora are to determine the turn of events so let us be united. I once again call on the church to stand for the truth and preach openly even if it means being killed is that not what we vowed; to denounce satan in all its form? I call on our bishops to work on the excommunication of Biya who is shameless and a disgrace to the Church.

I remain your humble Servant , Rev. Friar Charles LYONGA MATUTE a southern Cameroonian Roman Catholic missionary based in Italy.

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