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The Ambazonia Solution: Bridging Group ONE, Group Two And The Independents- A Mark Bareta Weekend Thoughts



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The Ambazonia Solution: Bridging Group ONE, Group Two And The Independents- A Mark Bareta Weekend Thoughts

I know that many groups and persons will castigate me. But this is the solution. We are condemned to collaborate. We can refuse this approach I want to state herein, but we will eventually come to it if we want to shorten this war, make gains that bring French Cameroun on the table. Take note that nothing will bring French Cameroun on the table unless we have sustained firepower on the ground-is that the case now? What do we have now?

Group Set:

1. The Ayaba/Yerimah/Akuroh platform. We have seen how this collaboration is working. The AgovC, IG-Care, and the Consortium are collaborating. We have seen it with them having the same statements on lockdown dates, same views on the unilateral ceasefire and in many other areas except finance. The IG-Care came up with their Bank of Ambazonia. The AGovC came up with TTOF and Consortium is doing theirs. You see none of them want to agree on one pooling of finance. This is so because Finance controls the defense forces on the ground so each group wants to be sure of how their money is spent. The supporters of these groups are not attacking each other, but they will take without blinking against group 2 below.

2. The Sako/Akwanga/Boh Herbert and others platform. This set revolved around what they call the ACT. They are religious to each other, but the Sako-IG is the one taking the lead and the others are at their mercy. They basically agree with everything, even the unilateral ceasefire though with mixed signals from the Sako-IG. With this group set, it’s only the Sako-IG that is somewhat able to raise finances. The Akwanga and Boh Herbert axis, as well as others in their ACT, are cash strapped with no members, no means of raising money. They mostly rely on the mercy of Sako-IG and the Swiss HD. The supporters of this set stand heavily by them championed by their ABC TV led by Chris Anu and they too will attack viciously people of group one. In fact, they see them as enemies.

Now, honesty will reveal that social media fights revolved around these two sets (groups 1 and 2) above. Their supporters standing religiously for their platform and against anything to do with the other. The scenario has transformed on the ground because fighters are either under any of the groups 1 and 2 axes. The neutral groups such as the BSCRF, some groups in GZDC and AMF as well as other small independent groups on the ground most often are caught up in the web of fighting between groups one and two.

Therefore, I know that you know that if we must spit out French Cameroun with the speed of light, we will need a working formula between groups 1 and 2 and the independents (BSCRF, AMF, and some GZDC). This working formula lies in what I call a liberation Council, or call it a revolutionary Council. I know people will lash at me because I have been saying this over and over, but if we must forge ahead, we need a Council-like structure with the most important departments (with members) of our revolution headed by leaders of the main groups. We also need stakeholders without any known groups, the independents, all in that council. One of the most important departments is the finance department- this department will be able to create a one pool financial system that taxes the diaspora and will state expressively what percentage goes to defense, communication, diplomacy, humanitarian, departments all of these headed by the group leaders. A tight notched transparent financial pool will ensure that even if each diaspora gives 10 USD monthly, our forces will have enough resources to wage this war and reclaim strategic areas

A structure like this will rejuvenate the struggle, align our forces to fight as one because all groups on the ground will receive support as per the defense strategy of the defense department, we will be able to agree on lockdown dates, negotiators and many other things, the social media infighting will disappear all most immediately.

The Council does not dissolve independent groups-they are still there, but every major issue is run by the Council. The Council should have a chairman who derives his powers from the council, coordinates activities and he/she is the final step to approve any disbursement so that responsibility is taken by him or her. These are all ideas that can be fine-tuned in a working agreement that binds the council.

The Council can be chaired by any member of the council on a rotatory 6 months or 1-year basis. Sisiku remains the face of the revolution supported by the other NERO -9. This way prisoners will be supported while free leadership out focused on their liberation.

This proposal can only work if we put Ambazonia first and not our leaders, groups, etc. If we think group 1 can do it alone, if we think group 2 can do it alone, if we think the independents can do it alone then we will come to the point where there won’t be any fighter to fight on the ground and there won’t be any diaspora to contribute money. And should we lose the war, most of us will NEVER see ground zero in our lifetime. Not only Cameroun will come against us, but our own people will also be the first to punish us.

I know that you reading knows that this plan is workable if we even try. If we just kill our hate and anger towards each other. SCACUF was thought to be like this and it was supposed to remain like this, but we collectively failed to make it work. Can we now get a liberation or revolutionary council to reshape things?

Yes; I do strongly believe in this proposal
The future will judge us

Mark Bareta

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  1. Sunshine

    April 11, 2020 at 1:30 AM

    Thanks, Mark,

    Indeed, a Revolutionary Council (RC) will be the most appropriate thing to do at this juncture. The RC will plan on the resources being contributed to provide for our defense forces in the front lines – this needs to be done immediately. Many of them are suffering a great deal because of the divisiveness among our leaders. Our boys have often been neglected and left in the cold after giving their all for the Liberation of Ambazonia. The different factional ideologies should end now. The RC needs to create The Ambazonia Health System and War College to train, motivate and facilitate the movement of troops to their different areas of command. The RC will have to strategize on what kind of Ambazonia we want to live in and make sure the future of our young people is not wasted in frivolous pursuits that only antagonize and allow Biya’s bir to FIND AND ELIMINATE them.

    I would like that this is not delayed any more. Plans need to be put in place for all leaders of fighting groups to meet soon.

  2. Mukong

    April 11, 2020 at 3:58 AM

    Mark, this is really a recipe for disaster. How on earth can you dare to mention this unrepentant criminal call Sarko. The reckless pursuit of aggrandizement by this insignificant bunch of pastors and you dare to say what. Ambazonians let us understand that major major shakers of history have mostly involve individuals and not groups. Why this penchant for unity; so that criminals like the good for nothing pastors will refuse to work because they know that they can use this struggle to bank roll their largess while our people continue to wallow in abject misery?
    Mark, sometimes you really make me wonder the way you go about analyzing things. In fact, forget about the MTTB for now and let us concentrate on the senseless killing of fighters that were all master minded by these jobless thieves in the persons of Sarko/Anus and their cabal. Are you saying that Ambazonians should just continue to tolerate criminality for the sake of unity?
    Hell No, that is not going to happen because in this life, some crimes are beyond pardon and Sarko and his gang of thieves fall in that category.

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