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Saturday Reflection: Internal Agents Within The Revolution?



Saturday Thoughts: Internal Agents Within The Revolution?
A few months ago, Chris Anu speaking on behalf of the then IG banned the AGC and addressed the ADF fighters as French Cameroun. In fact, Chris Anu made the world to believe Ayaba is working with French Cameroun. They sustained attacks against his person and they used the Guzang incident to increase their attacks. They brought in Barrister Nso Foncha to corroborate the facts that Ayaba is LRC and most of their supporters belief likewise.
People of Ambaland;
Chris will go on to banned ADF, SOCADEF and others. Chris has called the ADF and its leadership all types of names one could remember. Dr. Sako, leader of the then IG sat quiet, in fact he endorsed this narrative, supported it. During these times, Boh Herbert and Dr. Akwanga castigated Chris Anu and the then IG and they did so religiously. Then the Swiss Factor came into play, Ayaba and Agovc opposed because of credible reasons, they preferred the European Institute, the others rejected and came forth with ACT. Today, Boh Herbert and Akwanga who condemned Guzang, have been quiet against the Bui 22. They have religiously joined the now Sako-IG to say AgovC and ADF is French Cameroun. Chris and his supporters in the Sako-IG still hold true to their line.
Fast forward many months today, the AGovC and the Yerimah-IG together with their supporters now believe that Sako, Akwanga are Cameroun planted agents. In fact, they too believe that Sako is working for French Cameroun and he is for one Cameroun. In the then one IG, the supporters of now Yerimah and Sako factions of IG believed Chris Anu narratives of Ayaba, ADF being Cameroun agents. Now, supporters of the Yerimah IG have burnt that narrative, joined the AGovC to say Sako is a planted agent and they say so while stating their evidences. Eric Tataw has also come to that conclusion that Sako is working for French Cameroun
My people;
Tassang is in fact a member of the Sako-IG. The other Nera-9 are members of the Yerimah-IG. Has deacon Tassang prayed against infiltration of the revolution? Those who say Sako was planted by Cameroun, does that mean Sako orchestrated the abduction of NERA 10 and found himself as Acting President even though we know Chris Anu was the actual person elected by Country heads to be Acting President when NERA 10 was abducted but the then Cabinet went ahead with Sako to act as the then AIP, overruling the country heads. Can one now say Deacon Tassang is working for French Cameroun for religiuosily supporting SAko-IG?
So is it that all our leaders now are Cameroun agents Working for French Cameroun because both sides and their supporters really do believe that the Ayaba/AgovC is La Republique as well as the Sako-IG is La Republique? Both sides are issuing arguments. And both sides have loyal fighters on the ground. While Ayaba has gripped of his ADF and associated friendly forces, Sako has gripped of his county by county loose confederation forces. Who now works with French Cameroun? French Cameroun should be winning bigly and fatly
You may want to ask me, what do I think? Those who banned the ADF before, called Ayaba names, I rubbished them before and I said BULLSHIT. It was all part of the manipulations, lies. all of which still exists today and even deeper
Fellow Ambazonians
This is what I know as of this moment. I do not yet believe any of the leaders of the group are working for French Cameroun. Their actions and moves may suggest otherwise because it favours French Cameroun and gives them talking points. Some members of these groups may have fallen off track but what I know exist amongst these groups and leaders are: GREED, MANIPULATION, BLACKMAIL, SABOTAGE, LIES, EMBEZZLEMENT, POWER MONGERING. These are attributes that all gears towards political control and dominance and therefore makes actions of these groups, leaders to be seen as helping the enemy thus the often used term ‘La Republique’.
It will be true to say that as activists, even every other Ambazonian out there, we have said things, done things, that does not glorify the revolution but give more talking points to French Cameroun. Cameroun and her newspapers have not failed to make use of our statements, anger, gaffs etc and so, most often we have been addressed as working for Cameroun by supporters of either side. A typical example is Eric Tataw. Both the AGovC and Sako-IG supporters have consistently addressed Eric Tataw as working for French Cameroun. I have suffered same fate likewise other activists, are we all now working for French Cameroun?
Because of political control and dominance, lies and manipulations, we see the effect on the ground to the extent where some are calling other sister forces as ‘terrorists’
I do not know if in some days ahead, weeks or months I may come to the conclusion that a leader(s) has actually been compromised and now working for the regime directly. This is possible and could happen, but for now if we kill the following; GREED, MANIPULATION, BLACKMAIL, SABOTAGE, LIES, EMBEZZLEMENT, POWER MONGERING and embraced genuine collaboration, we may see the beauty of our revolution and come to the reality that we have just been our own biggest enemies while French Cameroun takes a breathing space
Mark Bareta

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