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The Fake Moderates In the Ambazonia-Cameroun War- Dr. Rexon Tayong



Academic fraudster





There are no “moderates” in this war between La Republique du Cameroun and Southern Cameroons.

You must know the other side of the war.

We have had former CPDM surrogates come up with all kinds of lies, calling themselves moderates in this our war with La Republique du Cameroun. Pretending to condemn both sides for atrocities but in reality, these people are ALL against the freedom of Southern Cameroons.

How do I know? They never really condemn Paul Biya and his soldiers in strong terms or share images of when they kill our civilian population but are always the first to share images of when the so-called Ambazonian forces with ADF uniforms are killed by Paul Biya. They do this to end up blaming the people who took up arms for self-defense for causing trouble to the entire population and will always argue that the matter should have been handled in a better way by the lawyers and teachers whom they never supported in the first place. These so-called moderates had a background of being against any organization that was against Paul Biya even before the Ambazonian fighters emerged. They fought against the SCNC, the teachers and lawyers strike, The Consortium, Bakweri Lands Claims committee, etc. We know them.

Plus they were always around CPDM ministers when they come abroad, always use to visit and take pictures with CPDM ministers when they are in Cameroun, were always working with the Embassies to spy on dissent and report back through their fake posturing as community organizers. I know all of their tricks as I have studied them for a long time. You rarely see me going to all their fake football and community meetings all over the UK. Go to their past facebook profile pictures and you will always see these your so-called moderates with CPDM ministers and people close to Paul Biya but you never see them with SCNC, SDF officials, people like Mola Njoh Litumbe who normally visits London, etc.

Don’t be fooled by all those fake “moderates”. There are the two camps. You are either for the people or against the Southern Cameroons. If you are in the Southern Cameroons camp, know that the moderates and those who are silent are on the side of La Republique du Cameroun and Paul Biya. Don’t treat them as innocent folks who are just expressing their own freedom of speech and their democratic opinions. They are more dangerous than Paul Biya in this matter. They can poison you if they have their way. Be careful.


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