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Open Letter To Fako And Meme Lawyers: There Are Consequences Of Our Actions








Open Letter To Fako and Meme Lawyers:

NB: Please share to all lawyers.

I am Mark Bareta. I was born with these names somewhere in Manyemen hospital, Nguty in the 80s. I am a Southern Cameroons activist with the ultimate goal of restoration of our statehood. I thought it wise to pen openly these few words today Sunday October 15th, 2017 concerning the call over of less than 10 Meme lawyers and a handful of Fako Lawyers.

Let me skip the entire story but you will recall that your minimum requirements was a TWO STATES FEDERATION. Permit me ask the following questions. You have done a call over on the basis of good faith that what has happened? Can you show us what steps the regime has taken to solve any of your original issues apart of some ministerial text which has ended on that level? Do we have civil magistrates out of Southern Cameroons? You are making a call over on the basis of good faith expecting good faith from the regime.

1. Has the government showed good faith prior to September 22nd by releasing all those who were left in the jails?
2. Has the government showed good faith by arresting thousands of our people after 22nd September till date?
3. Has the government showed good faith by killing hundreds by gun shots and from helicopter after 22nd September till date?
4. Has the government showed good faith by wounding our people with multiple gun shuts, abducting some from hospital beds?
5. Has the government showed good faith by harassing, extorting and raping our people from September 22nd till date?
6. Are you certain that in 6 months time the government must have shown good faith? Which you know it will not happen. Do you want to give the government breathing space?
7. Are you aware that the call over or suspension can be done if something tangible has been done. What happens to the Kumba resolution when you all four Lawyers Association constituents met? Why are you leaving Mamfe and Northern zone in the dark? Has money changed hands?

Let me tell you what your actions mean

1. By doing a call over, you proof Laurent Esso very right because nothing which concerns you has been done. Not even an apology for the way you were beaten and dragged in the mud or your wigs disgraced.

2. When you do a call over, you give the government a six months breathing space to grow more strength, power and thought, as well as castigating the movement as terrorists as they have been doing.

3. When you do a call over you directly strengthened the hands of the regime prior to dialogue. Are you aware that there is much pressure on the regime to dialogue? When you do a call over even before dialogue is done, are you aware that you weakened the hands of the “Anglophone” leadership on the dialogue table? You give room for the regime to tell the world that you see, lawyers are back in courts etc.

4. When you do a call over, you directly give government more powers to continue the tagging of your colleagues in the diaspora who left on exile as terrorists

Are you aware that the government has called for a pseudo dialogue by sending elites to meet the population to dialogue ? Are you aware that the elites have been asked to submit reports after that? Are you aware that the government by this action keeps ignoring the fundamental issues which brought up this struggle which are educational and legal issues? Are you aware that the government is not ready for dialogue as shown by the Cameroon Tribune where an official from the Presidency says dialogue has already taken place? What does your actions mean to this? Are you aware that these regime elites will submit reports to the government in which the government will use to proof to UN and diplomats that dialogue with the people has taken place and everything is over. Now where does that place us? Where will you talk on your minimum two states Federation?

1. By your actions, you give regime elites a powerful hand to go down and talk to the people and tell them, look Lawyers are back to court. The government has solved everything.

2. By your actions you strengthen Government arguments and make it possible for no dialogue to take place because you must have weaken us. Six months is too far to come back.

Again, are you aware that the President of Fako Lawyers Association Barrister Balla in his name issued a communique calling on all Southern Cameroonians to boycott the meeting with the elites because that is not dialogue and also because many more are still in jails, hundreds wounded and dead? Are you aware that the letter which Balla wrote asking our people to boycott the meeting or rejecting the meeting of the elites is rubbished by your actions because your call over directly empower these elites? How do you reconcile both? That your President reject the elites meeting and you take actions that empowers the same elites and their arguments to those they will go and meet on the field. Unless this is a bipolar game of interest. A bite and blow game of interest.

Now, my Fellow lawyers, I want you all to read me and read me carefully and look at your consciences. If you have persevered for one year, you can do it again for another months especially at this time when pressure is on the government from all angles to call a genuine dialogue. How can genuine dialogue go on with your actions? There is suppose to be a genuine dialogue so much so that after the minimum agreement is reached, the strike action can be called off officially while the process of dialogue continues. Then we are in control of our game. You don’t call off a strike before dialogue even begins. You directly empower your opponent. Please don’t tell me it is a sign of good faith because the regime has no good faith and they have not shown it- you know it. The dispatch of elites to the regions should give you a sound warning that this is all. I guess this is why the Fakla President came out powerfully with my guess being that the regime has taken advantage of your moves and played a fast one.

My learned lawyers and Barristers, I hope you are aware that we all are responsible for our actions. As Akoson said earlier today that as from Monday 16th, another black book will be open to pen the names of all lawyers who will respect the call over move, go to court, I fully support that because history books must take note of this and mind you: THERE SHALL BE CONSEQUENCES of our actions. Be on the guard and do the right thing now.

Much regards

Mark Bareta

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