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Lebialem Cries Out To Governing Council – Please Don’t Let Us Down








The people of Lebialem County, Southern Zone of Southern Cameroons, have cried out to the Governing Council (GC) to bury imbroglio and fight instead for the preservation of the restored statehood of Southern Cameroons. In an exclusive interview with BaretaNews, the leaders of Alou, Menji, and Lewoh constituencies indicated they are shocked with the in-house misunderstanding currently plaguing the GC

Atemlefac Richard

According to Atemlefac Richard, head of the Menji defence force, the issues rocking the GC may have a trickledown effect on the already huge gains they have made in Fontem. He, on behalf of the people of Menji, are pleading with the Governing Council, not to let them down.

“We have done a lot here in Fontem and I think almost everyone understand we are an independent state from la republique du Cameroun (LRC) now. I am proud to say Menji is very active in ensuring that all the agents of LRC are kept abbey. Unfortunately for us, the recent resignations, dismissals, and embezzlement allegations going on in the GC is really having a negative effect on our governance down here,” Richard indicated.

For his part, Pa Njingo Maurice Nkemlefac, leader of the Alou defence council, said the outing of the people of Alou on Monday October 30, 2017 was first to show to LRC that Lebialem is of Southern Cameroons, and also to send a message of solidarity to the GC

Pa Njingo Maurice Nkemlefac

“We rallied the people of Alou yesterday to block all entrance of LRC to Lebialem. That was to show to them (LRC) that we are a state of our own. So we got to renew the way we carryout activities. On the other hand, we sent a message of love, peace, and social cohesion to our leaders at the GC. We are taken aback as per the developments unfolding at the GC at the moment. I use your media to call on the GC to work in solidarity, for the interest of the people,” Njingo Maurice told BaretaNews.

Mami Atembefac Rosette Nkembi

Mami Atembefac Rosette Nkembi of Lewoh defence team said the ongoing issues at the GC have to be fixed as soon as possible. She prays the upcoming conclave will resolve all worrying issues and the warring factions’ burry hatchets for the common goal of effectively governing Southern Cameroons.

“We have a lot to do at the moment that certain distractions cannot be diverting our attentions. After the successes recorded so far, the GC would have been exploiting the gains for our benefits. Unfortunately we are hearing here and there that things are not well in the governing council. I pray that by the end of the upcoming conclave, everything must have been solved so we continue as one family to secure our restored state,” mami Nkembi told BaretaNews.

It should be recalled that governance in Lebialem is presently in the hands of Ambazonians. The Southern Cameroons flag flies high in Menji, Lebang, Wabane and Lewoh. The people have succeeded to put all forces of LRC away and taken authority of the County.

Their call to the Governing Council is sincere and genuine. Letting the people of Lebialem like in all parts of Southern Cameroons down will be suicidal. We of BaretaNews call on all warring factions to bury hatchets and continue in implementing effective leadership in Southern Cameroons.

By Lucas Muma,
Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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