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BaretaNews Midnights Thoughts: The Grape Vine



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Midnight Thoughts: The Grape Vine.

Two days ago, exactly on Saturday nights, I got a tip from one of my sources that colonial Rene Sadi and two other Ministers were in Nigeria. I immediately halted and ignored because of the prevailing situation. Few hours ago, in a chat with one of the high ranking MP from the Southern zone, he brought to my attention that his sources are indicating that Rene Sadi and two other Ministers are in Nigeria. We both were/are not too sure of our sources as we cannot independently confirm. As I write we cannot confirm if he is there or not. However, be it as it may, we want to assume he is there as the worst case scenario. These questions come to mind. What takes him to Nigeria at the time our leaders are arrested? Is he there to force the hand of Nigeria to extradite our leaders to Cameroun or is he there to force our leaders at gun point to dialogue? We both pondered on these questions.

Furthermore, inner city Press just confirmed that the United Deputy SG is in Nigeria as I write. The UN says they are monitoring the ‘abductions’. We begin to ask these questions. What takes the UN deputy SG to Nigeria? Is she there on the invitation of the Nigerian Government? Was she sent by the UN SG to dialogue with the Nigerian Government to ensure the release of our leaders? Was she there to engaged in a supposed forced dialogue on our leaders at gun point if the case may be? Is she just visiting for other issues? Why is the UN not condemning the abduction of our leaders who are refugees in Nigeria? Why are they monitoring rather than to condemn the abductions outrightly. They claim to monitor. What is that?

What has stopped Tchiroma from coming out in a press conference to speak about this? Naturally we expected Tchiroma, Government spokesman to have come out, thank Nigeria for helping capturing our leaders. Tchiroma should have come out to praise the excellent diplomatic relationship with Nigeria. He should have come out to say how good neighbours they are? Why is Tchiroma quiet and implicitly Cameroun Government quiet. This is not like Cameroun Government. We know their traits. Something is not adding up from the Cameroun government. Are they waiting to finally extradite our leaders before coming out? Be it as it may, it is unlikely like Tchiroma.

The powerful article from a UK prominent human right activist calling on France and UK to fix the issues and organise a referendum in Southern Cameroons is very much telling and it is pointing to a specific direction. That article published in the UK most read tabloid is for a purpose-my thoughts are telling me. Discussing with my source, he again made me to understand the US and France may be involved in the supposed abductions of our leaders in Nigeria which is leaning towards a forced dialogue ( He was not sure on this, he says it is just a lead, I am not sure either).

But again, why should Nigeria Government keeps our leaders incommunicado for three days going to the fourth day now without any lawyer or family seeing them? Even if they are criminals (which they are not), they deserved to be seen, speak and be heard and await their days in court. The timeline in their case are different.

BaretaNews as an independent media platform, one which seeks for a free Ambazonia, we are sending these thoughts and questions out so that Ambazonians could ask themselves these questions and find answers to these and it could foster our debates even as we focus and concentrate on the release of our leaders.

We continue to pray for our leaders and asked them to be strong. We are not going to sleep until they come back to us. Whatever the case, the future is pregnant and Buea ONLY is our destination: ONLY.

Keep the faith

Mark Bareta
9/1/2017, 1:09 am Amba Time.

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