Sunday Reflections: Ground Zero Hopes that the Divisive Rhetoric Among Revolutionary Factions is a Victory Strategy

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Sunday Reflections: Ground Zero Hopes that the Divisive Rhetoric Among Revolutionary Factions is a Victory Strategy

 In the past weeks, there has been an increasing barrage of divisive rhetoric among the different factions of the Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia revolution. Proxies of the different frontline movements, either individually or in a coalition have been throwing obnoxious and vituperative tantrums at each other, thereby setting a stage for divisive and misfocused ground zero forces.

What is unfortunate about these divisive talks is that, they have largely been orchestrated by Ambazonian diaspora. These are gentlemen and women, who out of their high-level exposure to multiple revolutionary socio-political scenarios and educational attainment, should know better on how to collaboratively inspire focused actions, towards flushing out the colonial enemy in Ambazonia.

But their actions and counter actions appear to be focused on a very weird and egocentric direction – the quest for revolutionary political control, supremacy, political positioning and repositioning, and the consolidation of political authority.

While the supporters, agents and sympathizers of these different revolutionary factions wrestle for the above, the colonialists are busy on ground zero trying to consolidate their grip on the Ambazonian territory, through their genocidal activities. Regrettably, poor Ambazonians in the villages who, from a socio-political disposition, are the most ignorant and politically excluded people in this whole saga of colonial subjugation and sharing of the post-independence cake, are also the ones bearing most of the brunt emanating from this conflict.

These are beginning to raise genuine questions among concerned Ambazonians, onlookers and international observers. Concern Ambazonians are asking whether these revolutionary leaders and their supporters mostly in the diaspora are fighting to free the people first or for political gain and grandstanding? Onlookers and international observers are on their part asking if these people are actually ready for freedom, after 57 years of slavery and colonial occupation by La Republique du Cameroun (LRC)? From their divisive positions, shall we not be creating another geopolitical confusion in the Mid-West Central part of Africa if we support these people for independence, even though it is their due?

True, that it is historically scarce to find a revolution that started with the revolutionary protagonists fighting on the same lane until victory. Stories of division and infighting among revolutionary groups and leaders are therefore rife in revolutionary history.

In some cases, the revolutionary characters started as a united group running on one lane and later got split in the course of the revolutionary voyage, to run on different lanes (but still to the same direction – freedom). In other scenarios, the revolution began and ended with each group propagating completely different ideologies from one another, but all seeking freedom from the perceived oppressor. Time would not permit us site some examples here now. However, the consequences of bitter divisive revolutionary attainments are visible in Africa, with the fresh case of South Sudan looking at Ambazonians directly in the eyes.

Divisions among revolutionary leaders in some cases could be pre-arranged by the revolutionaries themselves as a strategy for victory against the enemy or the occupying state of LRC in this case. Considering the delicate and interests-crowded mature of the Ambazonian revolution, and mindful of the determination and visibly genocidal intentions of the colonialist state of LRC over Ambazonia; Ambazonians yearning for freedom would have expected this divisive atmosphere among revolutionary leaders to be a carefully planned strategy to keep the occupier hoping that the “secessionist” are divided, while the leaders pound this colonial state at the background.

But looking at the present divisive rhetoric among the surrogates of these movements, their actions and counter actions, one is tempted to conclude that Ambazonians may likely tear themselves apart on the alter of political power IF GOD MAINTAINS HIS WILL of us reaching BUEA.

Are Ambazonians fighting to build strong men or strong institutions in an independence Ambazonia?  Are Ambazonians fighting to free the homeland as their first priority or to acquire power and position now and in a post restoration Ambazonia? Are Ambazonians fighting to see a free Ambazonia or for the executive control of state resources put at their disposal by the people? Are Ambazonians fighting to see the refugees and Internally Displaced Persons return early to their homes or continuously stay in the refugee camps and bushes for a longer time?

As the frontline leaders, their proxies, revolutionary bloggers, supporters and sympathizers of these groups reflect over the above questions this Sunday, ALL AMBAZONIANS, ESPECIALLY THE DIASPORA and their LEADERS from the different revolutionary movements must understand that; in a providence-based revolution (GOD ORDAINED REVOLUTION), NO BOY, GIRL, MAN, WOMAN, ACTIVIST AND LEADER IS INDISPENSABLE in the attainment of the revolutionary objectives, but the genuine contributions of EVERYBODY counts for success.

Leadership acquisition and political control in such revolutions are NOT entirely products of personal revolutionary qualities and know-how of the protagonists but by the voluntary WILL of the SUPREME SPITUAL AUTHORITY who wills according to HIS own personal whims and caprices.

Ambazonians on ground zero therefore hope that the divisive tantrums that are being thrown by the different proxies of revolutionary leaders and groups are just strategies for victory against the occupier. In other words. Ground zero hopes that, the revolutionary divisions and vituperations being displayed by leaders and their supporters in public space should not be the same reality behind the working scenes. If not, then the much-awaited victory is still very much far away.




James Agbor, BaretaNews Political Analyst.




  1. George

    April 29, 2018 at 11:00 AM

    Well. We should forget about individuals. The struggle for our freedom is common. It is about us as a group of people.

    My comment to those who fight each other. “A leader is born and not made.” Start thinking for others and not for yourself.

    I wish you all a blessed Sunday.

    • Monkey Kola

      April 29, 2018 at 12:54 PM


      What we’re reading there are some of the things some of us have been seeing ever since.

      I only pity the poor people back home who sincerely believe that the messiah is coming, wish they knew that such a messiah has got very sharp horns on his head.

      This stolen struggle can never succeed, those who stole it have already shared all key positions of their virtual republic among themselves. And as days go by, some who had already been promised key positions are sensing that there are wiser people in the group who’re snatching such positions and allocating them to others, hence shifting the cake-table away from them, such people can only betray or blackmail their comrades.

      However, it is all but normal in a stolen struggle that is concentrated in the hands of a few egoistic individuals that are just out to fill their own stomachs, with no idea of what it takes to challenge a system that has got the means and the will to deal with any uprising.

      Partitioning a country into halves is not organizing a strike in UB. Amateurism has got no place in such an endeavor.

      All those amateurs leading this stolen struggle are very ignorant and damn foolish. Their brains are all blocked simply because they are more concentrated on personal gains than the liberation of a people. Who in his right senses would fashion such plans like ghost towns/schools/farms for an indefinite time frame to liberate his own people, who depend to abt 60% on small businesses/farms? And what even pains me the most is that those back home obeying such devilish strategies, had to wait for that long before figuring out that those asking them to stay at home are going to work every day in their hideouts in the West. Some are even doing overtime just to make sure they stay up longer enough to be able to follow up how their devilish plan is faring.

      Anyway, I only pity those genuine freedom fighters who are sick of seeing their people suffer. All can never be lost though, some of us are also out there on social media to boost their moral and give them more ideas on how not to fall prey to predators, who can only excel in stealing the genuine fight of others. Rather than fashioning their own fight.

      • George

        April 29, 2018 at 1:37 PM

        My dear Monkey. I had to laugh a bit. Okay. You try to draw the image of the poor innocent freedom fighter on the one hand and the greedy selfish manipulator living in the diaspora on the other hand. That is very funny but unfortunately for you that is not the truth. The brave boys and girls on ground zero know very well what to do. They do their action without commands from outside. They just protect their villages that’s it. Now to the diaspora. Do you think those few individuals you see on Youtube or on certain other social media channels are alone the ones fighting for the restoration of our independence? There are a hundreds of activists who work hidden. Between some of those leaders are arguments about how to achieve our goals but not the purpose. And the other thing who will take power and is put in a certain position after the restoration of our statehood is not in the hand of a few individuals (french Camerounian thinking at its best). After the liberation what will happen? First of all there will be a national general assembly of all groups (including those who fought for federalism, clerics and so on). Yes everybody needs to be included to create consensus. The aim of that assembly is to draft a constitution. After that people can form parties and election will be held within 6 to 9 months. That’s it. And as I know my Ambazonian people there will be a lot of discussions. But in the end people will be elected and not appointed. In contrast to modern East Cameroun everybody in the administration shall be held accountable for its doing. We need a free and independent press who works as an observer and critic. I think Ambazonians know very well in which direction they want to go. There role models on the African continent are Ghana, Botswana and to a certain point South Africa.

        • homeboy

          April 29, 2018 at 1:44 PM

          @george, Why do you comment on all articles or being so defensive on your comments in all articles on this site? Are you really this desperate or jobless? It seems you are desperately trying to keep this propaganda going to keep donations flowing.

          • Jojo

            April 30, 2018 at 3:51 AM

            My brother @Homeboy did I told you before that this so called George is Mark Bareta! No matter what you said you would never change the man. Now he is more angry with his mom arrest.

        • Monkey Kola

          April 29, 2018 at 6:28 PM


          ” And as I know my Ambazonian people there will be a lot of discussions. But in the end people will be elected and not appointed. In contrast to modern East Cameroun everybody in the administration shall be held accountable for its doing. ”

          You probably know your Ambazonia people that are in the West.

          Make no mistake, most Anglos back home are not with you. Most are simply scared of your brutality. Don’t confuse fear and agreeing with your ideology. And that fear is gently disappearing simply because people are starting to understand that your endgame does not include them but you. Moreover, the bulk of Cameroonians, Anglos/Francos, from all walks of life are no blood suckers. And people are getting tired of your fallacious promises. Even your own Ambazonian people in the West are getting wiser, they too are gently understanding the intricate nature of the myth that they would soon be getting to Buea in a few weeks that never come.

          Most contributors who bought that myth a few months back and donated their hard-earned money to finance such a myth are now very skeptical. Not forgetting how that money landed in the pockets of a savvy few. That Buea myth is gently fading away with the wind.

          Those who created that myth had their little time of fame on the grand stand. Unfortunately, that fame is also fading away. That is the reason why we are seeing all these recent brutal attacks. It is a desperate move of reality denial, denial to accept that stamina would soon be out.

          The little money people were contributing is no longer coming in, and lies of buying weapons is now very obvious.

          You better go political and create a party or so. That shortcut can never work so long as OUR Cameroon remains the property of Westerners. There is too much geopolitics at stake, and such topics are too complex for amateurs.

          That is why your leaders wanted to murder Barrister Balla. What Balla understood during that initial negotiations with LRC, your leaders can never understand that. Dr Munzu came in too to explain that same geopolitics Balla understood to you guys. But, as usual, once you don’t understand something, violence is the next option.

          Your option, if at all it ever succeeds, would take nothing less than 50years. I say 50years because I just want to be nice, I don’t want to frustrate many out there.

  2. Enow Takor

    April 29, 2018 at 7:56 PM

    I keep asking this vexing question and getting no answer from anyone in a position to answer it; where is the Interim Government (IG) in all of these mess and malaise; and what is it doing to bring these warring factions together to bridge their differences and mount a well coordinated military offensive against the occupying forces and the civilian enablers? If the IG is unable to mediate between the rival factions and their leaders; what is it doing to raise a fighting force independent of those faction?

  3. Jojo

    April 30, 2018 at 4:47 AM

    My dear @Enow I doubt you will have an answer to your question, because the IG is only active on the internet. As @Monkey Kola said, most anglophones are getting tired of your foolishness which is achieving nothing but destroying our villages. We the majority of anglophones don’t hate our francophone brothers & sisters we were one before the colonial masters came and separated us for their national interest. Fortunately God brought us back together and nobody can ever divide us again. You guys keep on saying our land. There was never a country in the world called Ambazonia or Southern Cameroon. Apart of speaking the colonial master’s English language, the NW and SW people have nothing in common. Their cultures and ancestry are completely different. Our problem is with Biya’s regime. The soon we understand tbat the better it will be.


      April 30, 2018 at 2:46 PM

      @Jojo. I’m very happy to see that most anglophones(Not Ambazonians) are becoming more and more aware of the fact that this struggle have been hijacked. Now, their violent actions touched me personally. And i’ll just ask to @George @Mark Bareta to clearly explain this : Muyuka Friday : Sophie Mandengue Maloba, 42, mother of three and pregnant, was surprised at her workplace(A School) by armed men riding a motorcycle.She later died due to the multiple injuries. Can you expalain this other case ? Try use less propaganda as possible.

  4. ndolloz

    April 30, 2018 at 6:08 PM

    personally I don’t give a rats if there are 300 patriotic self defenses groups in all the counties and cities in Ambazonia as long as they continue fighting french Cameroon,revenge,make Ambazonia ungovernable,drive away all those primitive lrc thieves out of Ambazonia, especially those living there who are arrogant, disrespecting ghost towns,our cultures,they are all acting lrc agents, informers, spies,all SCs self defense must deal with these on trust worthless,heartless parasites with no mercy, their butcher biya has been is terrorizing innocent people for 38 years,those french slaves are quiet,jubilation,they pretend the slum country is so good, they feel they own our regions,some of these lrc colonial slaves even have the guts to come on this platform discrediting a well educated patriotic SCs journalist Mark, yet in their slave slum french Cameroon all their low class journalists are liars, frightful of the regime,they have no freedom of speech nor human rights unable to tell the truth,publish fake stories just to stay in line with the barbaric old dictator who jail, kills those who try to oppose him.

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